Spirit offerings to local spirits

I am working on 2 things right now and offerings are something I want to add just for an overall boost to magick…
I burn properly colored candles with the appropriate essential oil in the vaporizer for planetary powers.
I tried to work with a Saint and I left him water and burned candles and played Gregorian chants for him while I was at work. He ignored me for the most part, then something bad happened and he kinda came through for me.

Anyway, I don’t know a lot about making offerings. I though I might buy the Aaron Leitch book on offerrings. Has anyone read it? I read his stuff on the Shem ha Maphoresh and it was over my head. Is this the same sort of deal or can newbies get it and put it to use.

Thank you for any opinions. I know his work is good, I just don’t know if I can practically put it to use easily.
I have to concentrate on Raziel and these sigils, I can’t allow offerings to side-track me, but if it is easy I would like to get started.

Would they be offerings to gnomes and sylphs (I don’t live near water and fire is only around if I light a candle)? or are there lots more spirits than those few I know of?

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Jason Miller has some good information on offerings in his book Sorcerer’s Secrets, and has a method for offering energy to the local spirits around you that is easy enough to do daily.

If you’re looking for offerings for specific spirits, S. Connolly has a book about offerings for demons, and you could probably extrapolate from that for other types of beings.

I haven’t read Leitch’s book though, so I cannot comment on it.

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From what I’ve HEARD, spirits respect astral offerings as much as physical ones, so imagining up a bottle of wine could work.

This was on a thread talking about succubi/incubi, though.

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Thanks to both of you. Jason Miller might be a good place to start then. Especially if I need something quick and easy that just says to the spirits “hello, I want to be friends”

It looks like the Leitch book is a collection of ways to make offerings from about 12 different traditions or something like that.

People have Astral temples. If you can have an astral alter, why not offerings. maybe the offerings are easier to digest this way, and they don’t have to be thrown out when they start to go bad. I like the idea.


Two of the things Mr Miller recommended for newbies is to burn some incense outside for the spirits above and to pour some coffee, tea, whisky out for the spirits below. He has a classification system and explains why but you can get started very simply.

My question is, if I live in an apartment, people might get excited if I burned incense outside. Could I substitute some sort of fancy finger pump cologne/perfume for the incense and just spray it in the morning as I leave for the day. Or does someone have another idea.
Also, spilling alcohol or coffee would not raise any eyebrows in my neighborhood, No shortage of booze and caffeine for the spirits around my place.