Spirit of The Romani (Gypsy) Witches

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Gypsy curses are cast by addressing the egregore that patronizes a particular Gypsy or a family. Such egregores have a nature of an energy vampire. Since cursed people generate negative energy egregores feed on, each egregore is happy to do harm and cause suffering to people. It may seem to you that for a black spell caster, who servers much more powerful forces, it must be easy to remove a Gypsy curse. However, when a Gypsy curse is cast on a person, the victim’s subtle bodies are affected not by the egregore itself but by infernal beings serving the egregore (they are called demons in some religions).

Infernal beings seize the victim’s subtle bodies, so removal of such a curse is basically exorcism. On top of that, aside from exorcising the demons, the spell caster has to frighten them, make them go back to hell, and make sure they don’t return and do harm to the cursed person. Now you understand why so many spell casters refuse to remove Gypsy curses.

Symptoms of a Gypsy curse

Before going to a spell caster, including me, to order a ritual to remove a Gypsy curse, check yourself for the following symptoms:

  1. You ran into a Gypsy the other day and had a dispute (even a minor one).

  2. You visited the home of a Gypsy or you have Gypsy neighbors.

  3. You are acquaintances with people who are interested in esotericism and who hate you so much that they could go to a Gypsy witch and ask her to cast a Gypsy curse on you.

  4. Your sudden problems make you think black witchcraft has been used against you.

  5. You are exhausted and can’t restore your energy. Sometimes, it seems to you that something’s sucking the energy out of your subtle bodies or aching chakras.

  6. You feel discomfort all over your body, particularly in the belly area.

  7. If you close your eyes and look at yourself from within, you will notice black spots which shrink every time you set your eyes on them.

  8. You have nightmares about horrible infernal beings attacking you or women laughing at you.

  9. Members of your family think you may be sick, even though you feel well.

  10. Sometimes you find yourself thinking (and it scares you) that you’re slowly going crazy. You have trouble focusing and memorizing things.

Source: https://spellshelp.com/articles/gypsy_magic/how-to-remove-a-gypsy-curse/

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Nice. I don’t think we have many resources of the topic of gipsy magick, it’s cool that you brought us some info.


You’re welcome.

There isn’t a lot of information online. There have been a few documentaries I have seen. Most of the information is in books.

Between me learning about the Egpytian Goddess I am working with, forgetting about the one I love, trying to find books on the Romani witches, and other things - I don’t have a lot of time in on my hands.

So, this is my project of love. :heart::black_heart:

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Here are some short documentaries from YouTube about the Romani witches.

I will be ordering this book :books: from Amazon.

Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey - by Isabel Fonseca


The author:

More information about Isabel Foncseca can be found here:

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