Spirit of patience and understanding?

I am trying to be more understanding and patient with the few people that mean the most to me. I am taking a proactive approach, attempting to use psychological techniques on myself, but I am considering stepping up my game with an evocation/invocation. Does anyone have any suggestions for which entity I might have success with? Who is the best spirit to teach a benevolent maniac, lol?


Frigg or Hathor are excellent choices for this, so are…
Angels, Sandalphon or Haniel.
Demons, Barbatos or Amon.
Elementals, Nichsah or Paralda.

All depending on your personal tastes. :wink:


What the hell are you thinking you are a magician! You didn’t spend the years learning and studying and dedicating hours upon days upon months upon years to understand and master the forces of the universe just to make yourself more tolerant of other people’s shit. You should be using your magick to make your environment and the people in it to your liking and every whim not trying to back down more! Shame on you for being a doormat. :frowning: Strike back and make the universe deal with you not the other way around! Cheers!


Lol, normally I would tend to agree with you, but in this case it is my most ardent desire that would make my environment to my satisfaction. The individuals in question are my wife and son, you see, and the patience and understanding is for myself in regards to a situation they are in that is not remotely their choice or doing. You have to realize that I am absolutely the type of person to be a prick to an old lady in a walker just because she made me walk slowly behind her in a hallway and cost me 5 whole seconds. I am ruthless in my own standards, with myself even more so than everyone else, and gods deliver you if you inconvenience me. My love for my wife and son, however, is a great source of my personal power. I am not abusive, but like I said, I AM a prick, and frankly it IS my will that they should not feel the sting of my acerbic personality, as they alone have never earned it, and in fact have made my life amazing beyond words with their presence. Even from a position of self interest, keeping them happy IS in my best interest and will continue to afford me many of the things I use to shape my world. If it was anyone else I wouldn’t even have had the thought to be patient or understanding, lol. Love is fucking weird, huh? Just when I was getting comfortable with the idea of being a sociopath, too…


I understand what you mean.

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I dunno about spirits but invoking the element of earth for the purpose of expanding patience and understanding has worked for me.