Spirit narrator

Spirits seem to speak to me through myself. I know people say that you often begin to hear them in your own voice. This is a bit different.

In the beginning I kept wondering why I had these thoughts popping into my head. I haven’t had Lucifer speak to me, audibly, but once. In that conversation he had said nothing of the kind. Yet “Lucifer said…” Kept popping into my head.

I started to look at these thoughts closer. Take in their meaning. It didn’t take long, before I realized, these thoughts were independent of me. Lucifer has been speaking to me, but he was using my inner voice, as a narrator for his words.

After this realization I started speaking to him more. His answers are not instantaneous. I will just be going about my day and at some point I would hear “Lucifer said…” It is usually a reply to a previous question or comment.

Do or have any of you spoken to spirits this way? I am just curious if it ever evolves to speaking to spirits directly?



I can say it happens the same way with me. When I talk with spirits I can´t hear them as independent voices in my head, but more as abstract thoughts that are put in words by my inner voice. Sometimes I´m not sure if its not just me talking with myself, but after using tarot and pendulum i could corroborate the veracity of my communication.
Even though if you don´t feel sure of it you should still try to let this ideas come through, then it helps to develope the astral hearing.