Spirit names weirdly given?

Decided to make a general topic that we can all share instead of me making something more personal that could and probably would go dead after a few posts.

But anyways, I wont say that’s it’s been bothering me, but it’s really been on my mind and I thought to post here to see if it might get cleared up.

It happened when I was driving on my way home from work, ruminating about the days events and how the 1 guy who’s the slowest I had to go help. Anyways, all kinds of things are flowing and I remember the word scyllia popping up, seperate from all the noise trash and other thoughts. At first I thought it was just another random thought out of the blue but it grabbed my attention when I started to utter the words on repeat as I do for various other thoughts for some reason (I’m odd like that and even I dont know 2hy I do that). And then the thought that it might be a potential name brought me to full attention.

Now my grasp of comms with my spirits is iffy at best, no real clear way to describe it other than it more or less feels like I’m talking to myself with a minor alteration to a response back to me. Couldnt discern if they told me this when I asked. But it’s been on my mind ever since then, about 4 days now since this post. Looking around all I find is just myths about scylla and charybdis (spelling?)

What I would like is other ppls thoughts on this and whatever exp others have had in a similar situation of sorts.

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Well, maybe you can use this myth of the diver to retrieve treasures from the depth of your inner sea. The charybdis could then very well represent

whirling around. Things like this can have a lot of meaning if you are willing to build upon and work with it.

Read what you can and want to about the myth and see if there is a way you can write a ritual or pathworking incorporating these figures into it.

I think you can dive up some very interesting stuff. Good luck!

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