Spirit message

Is there a way to tell if a spirit is interested in working with you or interested in you period? I am a Christian but I have always had an interest in the occult. I feel that the two are conflicting it is sort or tearing me a part I want to know the unknown but I also have bias etc any advice or knowledge is appreciated.


There are quite a few Xian magicians on here.

Many of the ancient grimoires have that faith as their basis, read up about the Lesser Key Of Solomon for example.

Also the entire Law of Attraction, Science of Mind can be practiced in synch with your faith, so can vodou, and hoodoo, and all manner of working with angels and nature spirits, shamanic work, etc.


If you are still uncertain of a deity you should ask for a strong sign of his accedance and identity, after performing a ritual of your choice.

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Would this open me up to other spiritual influences?

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They come flying at you. You don’t have to ask if they’re there, they make themselves known.

You already are.

Not, not really. I would start with basics first, candle magic and divination. Once you have the deity you want to work, you might want to make a pact or contract and assert certain terms that you would like to accomplish and in this way you will know what will happen, set a time frame and ask for a sign of accedance.

Overall, I would select one deity for each task i.e. Marbas for health and wellness. I would recommend Bune for finance and wealth management. The final decesion is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

I would write down and think out carefully what you wish to accomplish and formulate your requests over several days and than perform your ritual. Make your terms and requests realistic and set terms as to time of completion.

However, as I have learned the deity may not agree to everything and he may set some rules and limits. If the deity gives signs of acceptance and how it will be accomplished, usually comprising with some issues.

Awesome advice! So you’ve worked with Goetia spirits, I’m not trying to sell my soul or nothing but I’m smart enough to understand there is give it take.

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