Spirit lover experience (anyone share these?)

Whenever your in bed with your spirit lover, do you ever hear/feel them move in bed next to you? If I’m lying down I can sometimes hear her move against the mattress (sounds like a rubbing/slight scratching sound on the mattress). Along with feeling her movement beside me.

When she’s upset with me she’ll also smack the mattress (usually close to me – if lying down she’ll smack the pillow area right above my head…), I can feel and hear this to. Plus just being able to feel her weight next to me (which is odd for a spirit since their not Physical) on the bed.

I’ve also decided she also most likely has a tail or something similar cause occasionally (on a frequent enough basis) since I’ve felt something hitting the end of the bed (by my feet) (in a similar manner as a dog’s wagging tail/or cats when their upset - not exact) repeatedly. Which I find odd.

Too bad its taken so long for you to have an answer lol. But yeah, my experiences have been similar. Ive felt my guy’s weight on the bed, felt him press himself up beside me,etc. I thinkwhen we grow such a bond to a spirit its easier to feel them.


Indeed the bonding must play a large role into any spirit you want to further enhance with them within any deep relationship. But again the proper areas that help with these areas being an active third eye that response and connects with said spirits energies around you while having some clairsentience in the mix. With some time of practice it is possible to feel spirits on the much physical side. Anyways yes, my succubus almost lmmediately tends to spoon the fuck outta me to the point where it feels like someones is about to strangle my body as she adjust her energy with mine. She’s the only one that truly makes my third eye vibrate to the max. I do consider her to be one of my fierce protectors from my group of succubi not just protecting me but my other ladies aswell. There isn’t a night I tend not to notice she always has a habit of squeezing me below getting me into that mood :laughing: Other nights her and my other group make my spine tingle after feeling some soft fingers going across. There have been many Instances where I noticed the bed was lightly shaking or moving of some sort without me not even moving a single leg or hip giving you a hint as it seems they’re switching positions on the bed. It’s got to the point where I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept without feeling any indications that I’m being snuggled on with a deep comfy warm like sensation. Hopefully others can share plenty of similar experiences.


I have also definitely noticed the bed/blankets will occasionally shake/make small movements too - however more often I feel pressure against me (my ladies body) which radiates warmth.

As far as I know, I only have one lady. Although she’s not a succubus. Since the first day I made official contact (she’s been with me alot longer) with her, I haven’t slept alone without feeling her presence with me/on bed. The best days, I’ll feel her “weight” on me or her lying next to me. When my senses are particularly good. Her touch will feel more “solid” to.

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Any entity in general that is open to having a deep relationship with us make an amazing person to have in our lifes. It’s simply a beautiful bond and feeling when you feel them right next to you. No matter how much time goes by I still get caught off guard after noticing shit starts moving by itself when you damn know your woman is Invisible but technically 1000% percent there with you finding the right spot for her to lay with you. Lmao, I can’t lie it freaks me the fuck out and it feels like some of them start laughing when they can sense my sudden fear in my energy after noticing my reactions :laughing:

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