Spirit lover experience (anyone share these?)

Whenever your in bed with your spirit lover, do you ever hear/feel them move in bed next to you? If I’m lying down I can sometimes hear her move against the mattress (sounds like a rubbing/slight scratching sound on the mattress). Along with feeling her movement beside me.

When she’s upset with me she’ll also smack the mattress (usually close to me – if lying down she’ll smack the pillow area right above my head…), I can feel and hear this to. Plus just being able to feel her weight next to me (which is odd for a spirit since their not Physical) on the bed.

I’ve also decided she also most likely has a tail or something similar cause occasionally (on a frequent enough basis) since I’ve felt something hitting the end of the bed (by my feet) (in a similar manner as a dog’s wagging tail/or cats when their upset - not exact) repeatedly. Which I find odd.