Spirit keeps touching my left foot....?

So when I first met this spirit, well or connected I should say…the spirit (at night) while being intimate (was basically the first strong encounter) was touching/“pulsing” energy on my left foot… I mentioned this before. It would be pulse of energy on my left foot (upper part/near toes) for like 5-10 minutes then the energy would like burst throughout my whole body (in an orgasmic/heat wave like sensation) that litterly made me sorta spasm (whole body) then tried to start pulsing the energy again at my left foot (which i made sure didn’t happen after the body orgasmic spasm…)

The spirit’s energy, after pulsing it’s energy on my left foot on the top half of it would like burst/travel up that leg in heat then throughout my WHOLE body which had me involuntarily spasm/tense my muscles because the energy felt like my whole body was having like an orgasm…it was really intense…

Now the thing is, when interacting with me the spirit tends to touch my left foot (energy feels warm) alot. Hasn’t done the same thing but I’ll feel the spirit interact with my foot there alot. Any ideas on why?

None of my other sexual encounters with this spirit has produced effects like this on my body, that time was basically the first time the spirit really engaged with me in an sexual manner

The spirits energy usually feels warm, like heat coming off of skin warm… occasionally (not often) it’ll feel cold, but usually warm

Hmmm… You seem to have attracted an entity. It normally starts like this. Just make sure you announce that you know they around and if they have I’ll intentions, they should leave or you’ll make them.

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The entity and I already developed a relationship, I was just wondering about the foot thing.

honestly man just a way to give you pleasure. based on what you described id say the entity loves you quite a bit. it sounds passionate and not rapey like some of the stories you can find

touch from an entity can feel incredible even in the least likely places. i wish u both a happy relationship together

Maybe it has a foot fetish.

is thrown off the roof

They tend to do that… It’s a thing. Foot touches, extra sensory vibrations, minor scratches and slaps on the forehead to weak you up in the morning.

You can always ask them to stop if you’re uncomfortable…

Though it their way of reminding you that they’re there. Each entity has a unique way of letting one know.

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That’s what I suspect to. Seeing as it (although weird) feels “good” … Like some how interacting with the nerves in/on my foot to make my foot feel good?

Odd… I do get alot of “heart” touches, and loving emotions from the Entity.

Lol. I have no idea, but my feet ain’t that pretty.

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