Spirit judging me?

so I was getting up to take a shower, and this figure started to appear in my door way. a smoke figure looks like a man but not large. it started to move towards me and then dispersed. when i got in the shower I fell into a trance. I appeared in my bedroom and this dark figure appears in front of me. it was wearing a black cloak, also wearing a mask like a big raven skull. I couldn’t see his face. in both hands he had axes, like old ancient viking styles axes. he tossed one to my feet, so I picked it up and we fought. I killed it by beheding it and it turned to ash, then the axes in my hand turned into ash. everything was reset and he appeared again but with out axes. he wisphered to me" you are worthy". I asked him how he was, he said" i am the unseen, in spoken". then he disipered. I have seen a lot if weird stuff had lots of experince but I have never had a spirit challenge me to judge me. I have had spirits try to attack me for negative reasons nut not just to challenge and see my power and if I’m worthy. so let me ask who is this guy and why did he appeared to me? why did he judge me what about me did he find worthy?


Do divination for clarity this is something only you can answer


This kind of thjing happens a lot in core shamanism once someone reaches a certain point, it’s a good thing, don;t worry about it but do try to summon him or a spirit you trust to find out how to continue developing.

The wider context of bedroom axe-battles wuth raven-spirits is simply Eva’s Law: when you do weird shit (like magick), expect weird shit to begin to happen. :wink:


I would also say think back …
Ever see that being as a character in a comic book, cartoon, movie, or as a character envisioned from a book in the past?
It may have been a spirit taking on a familiar form, I’ve never to my recollection read a description of that being as a goet or an angel. I’m not even sure of a famous god with that description.
It is a warlord type though. Or someone seeking an ally.


Oh yea spirits do that sometimes.

First time I scryed in King Paimon’s sigil, I saw screaming people and the souls of the damned with the phrase "you’re going to hell"
I announced that it didin’t scare me at all, rather it entertained me.
King paimon then gave me this purple flame and then I proceeded to invoke him in our first meeting!


well actually I have been thinking about doing norse sorcery with the gods and learning about that 10 minutes before it happened. also I do their a lot of shamanic mix with all most every thing to get me in the mood

well now I will see him once in the while in the forest while I’m driving or look out the window or in my dreams. he seems very peace full and calm but not weak or light but strong