Spirit invocation of elements?

I was watching a video on YouTube about invoking the elements. I will leave out the name because i don’t want to inadvertently tick anyone off. Anyway, the video mentioned that if you invoke an element, it is going to take corrective action to get you balanced. So if you work in a profession that you find unworthy, an element might come in and in a corrective action get you to quit the job you hate. In an effort to correct an imbalance.

If this is right, is there a way to slightly invoke the elements and slowly take corrective action in my life. I don’t want to wind up quitting my job because I work in a parasitic industry that loves money above all things. OR maybe I could invoke air first, so I would be smart enough to deal with all the fallout. (I’m laughing right now but, I seriously am not looking to F up my life right now)

Or is this merely his opinion and it does not happen that way to everyone. Maybe elements are like Reiki and they only work for the highest good, that seems unlikely but maybe?

And. What is a good ritual, for a beginner to use, to accomplish this? I don’t know that I am really after balance as much as a way to do stronger magick.

Invoking an element is a good way to create an imbalance for beginners. Franz Bardon in Initiation into Hermetics talks a lot about the elements within the Hermetic tradition and actively warns away students from just invoking the forces willy nilly. They most certainly don’t ‘take corrective action’ to get you balanced automatically.

I haven’t watched the video myself, so I cant judge too much.

However, you can invoke elements and use their attributes to enhance your life.

I believe that is his opinion like this is mine. The ‘highest good’ stuff is nice for a laugh. A good way to separate yourself from the ‘witch hunts’, by trying to bribe your way into mainstream with ‘light and love and good intentions’. I’m a GOOD white witch, etc. I’ve seen people use energy work to fuck each other up.

IIH has some good elemental exercises. But simply meditating on the elements will do, form a connection, kind of like if you were trying to invoke a spirit.

A nice ‘balancing’ exercise would be to go through each element and take it outside your body. Empty yourself and become Void. Then refill yourself with the right amount of each element, until you feel like ‘its enough’. Get familiar with each of the elements unique energies.

Nothing too ground breaking here xD

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Normally evocations for beginners is safe to start with East - Wind than S - Fire, W - Water, N Earth

And Invocations : West than S, E and N

Not sure but salamanders are considering a elemental for sex.money rituals, but also witches call invoqe lementals,I tnk elifad Levi star tat but also some have names such Kings etc.such the oberon book.and some are like gnomes invocation.to be honest I never meet anyone or see anyone get powerful or get good info summoning them.tru tey help in love,money you have to know the game and then if tey approve tey help you free.,

OK, for someone at my level, I need to stay the fuck away from it until I know enough to not create more problems then I solve. I did not even know what IIH was until I did a Google search. I had heard of Bardon and knew he wrote books that are considered quite complicated.

I only know how to do the Cabbalistic Cross, the LRP, the Middle Pillar, and how to circulate the light.
I am pretty sure I got luck when I used Ben Woodcrofts ritual and I seemed to contact Raziel.

What If I take what I know, like the LRP and instead of banishing (which is the only thing I have ever done( and invoked them instead. Would having those angels there keep the elements in check OR is it much better to either work my way through Bardon’s introductory stuff or maybe find a primer on Bardon? Maybe that is better.

Thank you very much for your well thought out and informative response. You probably prevented me from creating a big problem for myself.

Thanks to Rav and zorrito too.

The most important one is IIH as it is the foundation upon which his other books are laid. They are ‘complicated’ but are simple compared to other books out there that you have to wade through like Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa. The IIH is a pathworking and very RHP oriented, but that does not mean you cannot take what you learn from the author and use it for LHP stuff.

That is a very solid foundation. Keep on practicing those daily and you will begin to build your power, piece by piece. You might want to start a Meditation routine if you have not already.

You’re talking to yourself here xD I would read up on elemental magic and maybe just work with the elements in meditation to begin with until you get a good skillset built.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is Golden Dawn, not Bardon.

If you want to start invoking, start practicing the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, instead of the Lesser Banishing (the only difference is in how you draw the pentagrams).

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Would invoking in the LRP call in angels or would it call in the elements, or both. Would having the angels there sort of keep the elements under control or do angels have direct or possibly a restraining type authority over elements.

This is a great idea for me, I do the LRP pretty much daily as part of a routine so I am very comfortable with it. (like I don’t need notes or anything to guide me, I can just do it without needing to try and recall any Divine names, I also visualize AGLA in green and Adonai in red, etc. etc. without prompting)

To respond to Ryce; thank you for your observations. I have been doing my normal Cabbalistic Cross, LRP, Middle Pillar, and Circulating or Showering the light and have then sort of went into a meditation on the 7 Chakras because I don’t really know what to meditate on.
Also, because meditation is hard work, it requires real discipline. I don’t quite have that yet. I am hoping by doing the above routine it will expand into something more useful.
If a good rule for a magickian is to know himself, than I am at step one of a very long staircase.

Thank you to all for your guidance.

The angels represent the elements. In both the banishing and the invoking rituals, each angel is given a corresponding cardinal direction and element that they are connected to so you are in essence calling the elements when you call the angels.

You don’t have to worry about any sort of elemental imbalance though because you are invoking all four elements at the same time. An imbalance would only occur if you are invoking a singular element for a long period of time.

You should experiment. You have been doing the banishing for a while so switch to the invoking ritual. See how it feels. Some magicians believe that beginners in the Golden Dawn system were actually supposed to start with the invoking, rather than the banishing.

All spirits have powers none have a directional compass that will forewarn to using just one element of nature that will bring doom and imbalance. I have called on the four quarters, performed an invocation and called upon a singular element air and wind for example from the east to carry forward my casting.

I have never had a problem of reversal or balance by calling forward a single element or have I ever heard of this causing an imbalance. There are many theories out their, many who create YouTube vids are looking for hits and not imparting practical knowledge but becoming the next edgelord king and creating as much controversy as possible.

Thanks for this.
I like Nick Farrel, he has a great book on talismans. Also I saw his YouTube on creating rituals. Both seemed pretty good to me (but I am very new and therefore lack expertise)

The one thing I did like about he discussion on ritual was, I think he said, that the imagery or order that works for me might not work for you or another person, because they don’t resonate with our subconcious or something like that. Anyway, what my limited experience kind of took from that was this, if I don’t believe the in the ritual, why in the heck would any entity or energy bother to show up. So I need to make the ritual fit me.

Sorry, I digressed there.
On the LRP, should I do a banishing and then do an invoking.
Like banish the bad aspects and then call in the good aspects of air, then fire, etc. etc

Or should I just invoke.
Edit… I read the rest of the article and it said that just invoking is fine (unless I am under attack by the “denizens of hell” then I should banish but I notice some comments that might disagree.
(also, with banishing I start and stop my pentagram in the same place for each quarter/element/angel. It sounds like to invoke I just need to draw the pentagram in reverse, I hope I read that right)

What is the opinion for me? (one disagreeing comment was from someone saying they were a teacher and one of the reasons they did banishing so much was because of all the past trauma/baggage many of their students brought with them) I also have baggage that is more than the regular/normal person has.

Thank you

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Yes. Essentially, to turn the banishing into an invoking, you draw the invoking pentagrams rather than the banishing pentagrams. I believe the invoking pentagrams start in a different place, but you should be able to just Google “drawing invoking pentagrams” to find a tutorial.

I would just do the invoking ritual, but if you really want to continue with the banishing as well, then I recommend you do the invoking ritual in the morning, and the banishing ritual in the evening.