Spirit guardians in action?

So if any of you read my Go Fund The Wizard post you’ll know that my girlfriend took the money I gave her for a deposit on a house for us to live in together and instead gave her step dad the money for the car he bought her.Aparently from what she’s told me this was ger intention the whole time.She gave me the whole rundown of how she knows she lied,she didn’t mean to hurt me,and she knows what she did was wrong.

But a few weeks before she broke the news to me that she fucked me over she started asking me to do a cleansing.for her.
When I asked why she said that every night she has nightmares of somehow being stuck in a dream.The last one she reported she was in her car with a shadow figure standing outside of it and she couldn’t get out.She said in the dream she could gear someone saying “Get inside quick!” But she couldn’t get out.When she wakes from the dream she’s completely paralyzed and can’t breath.
All the while she reports hearing demonic voices and footsteps running around the house.Also she hears sounds of people doing stuff around the house like getting up for a midnight snack or using the bathroom.
When she finally is able to move she gets up to find everyone in bed with no signs of anyone getting up to do anything in the middle of the night.

My guess is she pissed off a spirit that I’m in league with and without my command is haunting her for her actions.

She says this happens almost every night.

Anyone here have a spirit companion take it upon themselves to attack somebody who did them wrong?

I was working with Lucifer and am carefully drawing up a pact with him.I’ve already received his light which brought me to tears of joy and the altar I have set up for him which consists of a deer skull with his sigil on it,2 black candles with his name engraved in them,a glass of wine,his sigil on a small eisel propped up with a small plate holder.the deer skull sits on top of a piece of parchment with his specific circle in black marker,and his card from the Daemon Tarot deck.

I awoke one morning with the altar in complete disarray.The skull had fallen on it’s side totally missing the candle the antler was behind but somehow managed to knock the sigil over.

Shortly after was when my girlfriend started telling me about the hauntings.

What do you guys think?


Also forgot to mention,in her dreams theres a black figure keeping her from getting out of wherever she is.

Yup, sounds like she pissed off someone in your court. They could be working on her subconscious mind while she is asleep, like you said she knows what she did was wrong so they may be playing on her guilt.

I’d look into her life in a few weeks and see if she is exhibiting any other classic signs of a curse or crossed condition.

And yes, have had spirits I am close to protect me with out my knowing anything was amiss, until they tell me about it later.

Why are you even wasting time asking these questions and wondering? This woman is getting what she deserves. That is why you are a magician.
I did go to your GoFundMe page and read it, as well as everything you have written here.
People never think or feel any remorse when hurting others, yet when they get their come uppance they begin bleating. And this one takes the biscuit! She even came asking you for magical help.
You don’t even have to take any revenge yourself, unless you want something else (than what she is getting) to happen to her.
I was even angered by what she said to you, as she felt it was moving too fast, unwilling to move in with you, then callously giving your money to her stepfather, knowing that you had told your former landlord you’ll be moving. That woman is a total bitch and acted very cllously and heartlessly towards you. Let eh spirits have their fun, and if she comes to you again, i would not hesitate telling her that I was behind her troubles, dreams, and spooky happenings, if I were you.

First, I apologize if I overstepped by boundaries with my comment on your last post about what happened, I did not mean to intrude but as Milla said, when I read what happened to you for some reason, I also felt a surge of anger over what she did to you as I could intuitively pick up from your post that you were being truthful so the words just poured out in my response. I may have been picking up on some of your anger as well?

If you work closely with Lucifer I can say from experience that he can be a bit defensive so it’s possible he is taking care of this for you without you asking. I once asked him for help with a serious matter and everything was resolved, he did exactly what I asked him to do but then he took it a step further and handled it in his own way and did some things I did not ask for to the people who were bothering me, guess he felt like they needed to learn a bigger lesson but I had no complaints, they deserved it.

Contact him and ask if he is the source of her nightmares. Sounds to me like since she admitted to knowing what she did was wrong, she may have only been apologizing hoping to keep things peaceful between you, maybe she was afraid you would retaliate with magick?

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Most importantly: Do you have any of your money back from her? What amends has she begun to do to make up for the wrong she admits she did?

Has your living situation improved?

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No nothing has improved and she hasn’t given me shit.Not to mention I was out last night and ran into her kids dads cousin who told me her 2 year old daughter is mine.Her supposed kids dad is in a wheelchair and can’t have kids and she was cheating on him with me when she got pregnant.
I confronted her about it today and she flipped out and told me to lose her number.

I’m lettin this bitch die.


Blimey, what a heartless woman! She deprived you of your emotional right of being a father to your own daughter, abused of your love and of your confidence in her, stole much needed money from you and didn’t even care.
So when she asks you to lose her number, does she also ask you to forget that youhave a daughter with her? Something will happen in future through which that child will know the other man is not her biological father, what will she tell her about you?

She claims it’s not mine.She finally just told me she wants nothing to do with me and told me I did everything wrong.I told her to enjoy her nightmares and hauntings.

Update on the money situation though.
I believe Lucifer is looking out for me again.
I woke up this morning with a $20 bill in my pocket neatly folded up which is not how I keep my money.
I just opened my ritual journal as I’m preparing to perform one after this post and found $7 right on the page I opened it to.Which again is not something I do.I always keep my cash I my wallet if I carry any at all.
And I talked to my now ex today and she started telling ME I needed to change,and not have a “hobbie” (that’s what this bitch calls my majick) that doesn’t endanger her if I want to be with her.Well then don’t fuck over a black majician…stupid bitch.So that tells me she’s still suffering.


Edit:Another weird coincidence,apparently I grabbed the wrong journal as I have quit a few and it was already full from front to back so I haven’t used it in quite some time.

There’s a lot of sick bitches out there MK . Keep getting your money up and working your magic .

For the sake of clarity, is this the same woman you’ve been with since high school, who helped raise your daughter from age 1 (your daughter now being 11) in the absence of your daughter’s biological mother?

In any case, how is your situation securing your residence? Not to keep bringing it up, but the most pressing matter here to me is whether you have a roof over your head.

Yes its the same woman.We broke up for a couple years then got back together a couple months ago.
I’ve got an appointment somewhere next week that does emergency housing but they had a list of some pretty nice apartments in town.They pay your deposit and first 3 months rent plus get your utilities on.
So I’ll probably do something to influence them to help me out.
Plus I’m meeting with the head of the legal department of my town and they’re gonna see what they can do about my asshole landlord.

Musta, are you in the U.S.?

I had to participate in the emergency housing program once before, shortly after my divorce because I was paying the rent and utilities when I was married and my hubby covered the car payments, insurance, groceries, household needs etc. but when we divorced I realized in my current situation at that time I could not afford to pay rent and bills anywhere in the town I was living in at that time, if I had to buy groceries, paper towels, cleaning supplies and finance a car for myself too so I fell behind on my bills and ended up using that program until I could sort out my finances and find a cheaper place to live but they told me they paid the first 3 months rent but when I got there and they explained it better they actually only paid the first months rent and deposit in full. The 2nd month they paid 75% of my rent and the 3rd month they paid half, so if you do that program and work some mojo so they will accept you quickly you need to make sure you still have some cash saved back.

They found a bunch of loopholes for me. They were going to pay my utilities too but then they said, well you owe $75.41 to the electric company from your last apartment so we can’t cover your first month’s utilities until you pay them what you owe them previously. So I had to borrow the money from a family member to repay the electric company before that agency would help me with the first months bills. Kind of self defeating, but the U.S. always has loopholes that makes it impossible for people to get ahead easily. No wonder this country is so flawed and so many people hate living here.

And the program I went thru was not HUD, it was something similar to the HUD section 8 voucher program where you pick your own place, but it was not ran thru them. Another loophole they threw at me was that, even though they had a list of available places for rent, it was up to me to call all of the landlords on the list and find a place in that list within my finance range and those landlords still required credit checks and the usual hassles so I ended up having to take an apartment I could barely afford because the other landlords on that list with cheaper apartments would not accept me as a tenant.

Why? Because they wanted at least a 3-5 year rental history which I had, but since previously (before I got married and divorced) I was living in a small home owned by a family member that I was renting from and most of my rental history was from that family member, they would not count that as a substantial history because I was related to my landlord and they all felt like my family member would probably lie for me if I had been destructive or loud or anything. So they felt they could not trust a family member as a reliable reference to call and ask about my rental habits. So I got stuck with a tiny expensive apartment from the only landlord on that list that would accept my family as a rental history reference, the same bitch of a landlord I mentioned earlier in previous posts.

So just be prepared with some extra cash on hand, and be ready to make some calls if need be and dodge any potential loopholes. They make you do the calling and the application work so if you want one of the apartments they have on their list you better be prepared to act fast and competitive to beat others to those apartments because they go quick!