Spirit/God lexicon?

I recently conducted a working inviting any entity willing to protect me from bad luck after another working for wealth also attracted a little too much bad luck for my liking. In this second ceremony a symbol was revealed to me that I believe represents a bridge/bond between me and whomever came to help. I’ve also had astoundingly good luck since. Things I’ve mentioned aloud in casual conversation with others about what I want have been manifesting from slow nights at work to abruptly changing the entire weather system where I live. I rarely put names to entities, and in the past have usually relied on my own energy to enact my will. This is sort of new to me.

All that to say, I’d like to identify my benefactor. Are there any resources available that can offer me a comprehensive or near comprehensive inventory of titles so that I can do some research?

I mean, you’re on the Internet, it doesn’t get better than that. :thinking: Any one or even handful of encyclopedias are not going to do better than a day spent using google search.

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I was hoping for something consolidated tbh. So that sounds like a “no”?

Not really no. I have several encyclopedias but they’re all incomplete for this purpose. They tend to be concentrate on a particular culture or style.

My suggestion would be to throw that question out to the universe, and under the principle of the law of attraction, start your research casually but consistently and let synchronicity lead you to it.