Spirit for Writing Fiction

Hi fellow practitioners,

I’ve been searching through Goetic spirit in order to find one that teach writing fiction (as in books, screenplays, etc…). I only found spirit that teach liberal art, poetry and such.

Which spirit would be a good fit?


The same ones that teach literature and poetry… The descriptions are just a brief idea but it isn’t -that- narrow. It’s all tied in with creative writing

Bune, he makes one eloquent and witty and all sorts of charged up to write whatever you want.

Lovefcraft perhaps? hehe


Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Libra
September 23rd-27th
Tarot Card: 2 of Swords
Planet: Venus
Metal: Copper
Element: Air
Plant: Rose
Candle color: Pink
Rank: Marquis
Phenex is a Night Demon and rules 20 legions of spirits 

His specialty is poetry and writing of letters. He teaches all of the sciences and answers questions. Phoenix has black feathery wings. Phenex appears as a bird with black feathers that fall out as he flies. His tail has red-orange and yellow feathers that are very long and straight. He is accompanied by an attendant Demon who appears as an eagle.