Spirit for success with online store (amazon)

Hi there!

I was wondering what your suggestions are for working with a spirit on a successful online store?
Bune and Clauneck are both out of the game, as they weren’t that helpful for me in the past and I don’t want to waste my time again.
Paymon also just works for music related matters for me.
So I was hoping someone could suggest a powerful spirit to me. Angel would be great to.

Perhaps Suhn’tal’och?

Thanks and cheers guys :metal::two_hearts:

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I would recommend Ophiel (Not an Angel or Demon it seems).


Thank you for your tip! I will consider Ophiel!!!

There’s a ritual in magickal riches for selling , it works but you’ll have to keep repeating from time to time as it’s a bit temporary! The day I finished it I started getting bids on my items on eBay that were listed for over a year with no bids !


Thanks for your tip! I used in the past with no results at all :frowning: I will conjure Suhn’tal’och after updating my shop for more success

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I’ve tried another trick with success , on the night of new moon write on a piece of paper “I made x (whatever your goal is) amount of money selling items on Amazon !