Spirit for resolving issues among groups

So I am working in a group with a lot of people in order to build an apartment to live in.However there is quarrel and dispute all the time regarding decisions.Which spirit can i use to assert my will on the members to shape the apartment in the way i want it to be.how to force them to follow my decisions?

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King Paimon might help. Maybe even Lord Belial.


If you don’t want a ww3 scenario in your apartment make sure to include a spirit that can make them want what you want cuz forcing them even if they agree if they don’t want it is bound to cause problems down the road. Unfortunately I can’t think of 1 to suggest right now (if I think of 1 later I’ll add it unless someone else has already recommended it before I get to it).


There are a few spirits from Kingdom of Flame that can control the mind. Many of the spirits from Kingdom of Flame that I’ve called have come through for me.

I also second King Paimon and King Belial. Orias can “manipulate someone to see things your way without having to speak to them.” You can call him as well.