Spirit for psychic abilities

Just a quick question:

Is there a spirit to call upon for gaining psychic abilities - for example clairvoyance or clairaudience?

Check out all spirits relating to the moon. Check out my thread “Teachings of Belial” easily found in this forums search function as it has a Table Listing of Planetary (Moon) correspondences as it relates to the Goetia. You may also call upon the Planetary Spirit “Phul” which is the Moon Spirit.

Also, don’t forget to post an introduction in the Introductions thread - it’s one of the forum rules.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll definitely check out the spirits relating to the moon :slight_smile: I’ll check out Phul & the thread that you mentioned :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me - the mistake has been corrected :slight_smile:

Mepsitahl, Vassago and Azazel.