Spirit for personality change due to Head Injury and p

My son has a week after being attacked by an adult.
He forgets all. Acts out of character. Can’t count well. Twitching. In another world etc. Age 14.
Pls help with spirit that can work very well to end this.
If I can get info urgently I’ll research them and Contact them ASAP.
I’m currently with Belial & Hecate are they relevant here?
Thanking you guys in advance

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For healing, the archangel Raphael can’t be beat. President Marbas is superb as well.


I’ve never worked with marbas but I was under the impression that marbas dealt with more infectious diseases and that buer and Raphael heal physical ailments. Just what I’ve read though.

Marbas also teaches shapeshifting and that knowledge has healing applications, so physical ailments are within his wheelhouse as well.

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Thank you very much I’m researching Marbas currently and I will start in hours.
I will post results in due time

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Fuck that adult,sorry for your son.

i suggest you working with casual realm to bring out the old self but you can move one with healing,healing spirits like Buer,Lucifer, and Dantalion aslo King paimon are masters of the mind.