Spirit for penis shape shifting or penis growth

Wondering if anyone has done successful penis growth rituals with any of the 72. Been wondering this for a while. I want to do a ritual on my self and see any results. I’ve been kinda impotent down there and Well the size is no problem but fuck imagine having a cock that looks boner all the time lol.


Jelqing helped me go from a 8 to an 8.5 but it’s all down to genetics if you have a smalltool just be happy with it and learn how to use it


One thing I can think of is using planetary energies! Specifically Mars and Jupiter since Mars represent the phallus and Jupiter is for growth! So Tuesday on the hours of jupiter is where you can work on this with the spirit.


I think both Lilith and Ninurtu can make it shrink to a degree it almost falls off. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:unamused: let not.

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We have a winner, unless it’s knowledge from experience.

Also thanx for the I fo about Tuesday at the correct time I’ll make sure I make a note of that for when ever I finally feel my magic is strong enough to accomplish this feet.


So your gonna have to change the intention from length gain to function but this hopefully will do the trick for you.

After cleansing your Quartz Crystal you can cast your penis enlargement spell using the following procedure:

1, Hold the Quartz Crystal in your left hand (linked the the right hand side of the brain, the psychic side).

2, Your request can now be installed. Your wish should be thought out in sequential picture form. Your thought form will travel from your mind to your left hand and into the Quartz Crystal where all images will be amplified.

3, Write your requirements on a piece of paper and place the paper under your quartz crystal over night - the thought form when combined with a picture increases the strength of the spell. To ensure your request has been sufficiently embedded repeat the charging process for a period of seven days


You know what I think that’s problem with blood flow. I am pretty big but only rock hard In certain positions and some I just lose my boner.

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I’d definitely not do any work to make it bigger u less it’ll just be for show I’d research supplement for cardio vascular blood flow “circulation” or try the crystal one with the intended purpose being able to maintain a fully functional boner.


Could also be your lower chakras sent opened up and your not getting the sexual energy you need to enjoy the experience and stay rock hard. Can always try meth you’ll fuck or hours on meth lol, but yea that not a good idea but it definitely causes you to get enfatuated sexually. When it’s starts going soft try jamming it in doggy style then really slowly pulling it out that always used to get me back when I eventually started to o soft.


Before you go messing with what you were born with. Don’t forget it’s not the size of the worm but the way it wiggles that is important. There is such thing of being “too big” too. Just wanted to come in as a lady and give an opinion. Good luck in your quest.


You really don’t need a massive dong to make your partner feel good. It’s really all in how you use it my dude.

You’re probably not going to grow another 6 inches (doctors hate him!!), but if you lose some weight that can actually help a little. There are also angels and demons who can help you be better in bed. It’s all about connection and listening to what your partner responds well to, and not being afraid to ask. I’ll tell you right now, I’d take a 6/10 who knows how to fuck over a 10/10 who really doesn’t any time, no question.


Almost forgot to say - easy confidence will take you so much farther than you think. Spirits can help with this too. It’s all about being present and with the other person (or people, if you’re into that) in the moment, focusing on the pleasure and how you can make them feel good. And it’s ok to laugh sometimes. Sex can be pretty funny.

I used to get my share of performance anxiety, and the archangel Haniel helped me with this immensely. Once you get some positive feedback that tends to lead to more positive feedback and more confidence too. Keep up with that and eventually you’ll start having experiences that you make you feel like an absolute sex god, and when you feel that way (and when it becomes really true), size really will not matter to you.

Some will probably tell you it does, but you can ignore the size queens. Or you can prove them wrong and blow their minds, whatever works for you.



Thanks y’all :metal:t4:

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Yea it’s one of those things I don’t wanna but once you fuck on meth your like I like fucking for three hours straight.

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You can always try extacy it’ll ruin sex for you thought it feels so good, or you just get limp as shit even though she ready. Personally I wanna fuck on mushrooms and acid those amplify my magical abilities and the only like actual magic I still am able to do these days is stretch my self magically. So this Saturday is summer solstice it’s a super power night one of the strongest nights of the whole year. Hopefully I put it to use.

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:fist: Nice I have big ritual Sunday for the solar eclipse I might have implement something for the Saturday

Lol nice both of us were oblivious to the other day of the weekend being somthing big cosmically.

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I think a good message can do you wonders. I have went to a Thai message salon in my town a couple of times and I always come out feeling rejuvenated and empowered in my unholy relic. Thai massages are good due to the way they stretch you, thus having a better blood circulation and a more natural flow to your inner energy.

I abused the hell out of it wen I when to Thailand for a vacation. Massages everyday. I even got an extra massage due to my charms and was quite amazed to see my member being bigger than usual. I even got rewarded with chocolate afterwards which made me blush.

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