Spirit for nightmare disorganised unfocussed boss

Hey! I have a decent job, and all my colleagues are great, but the boss is constantly causing chaos and problems. He doesn’t do anything properly is lazy and sloppy and half-assess everything and all of us employees are constantly chasing our tails to fix all the issues he constantly causes. This has been going on for years. Can anyone suggest a working or a spirit to call to help us all with this situation? Its driving us all crazy. It just doesn’t need to be this hard and the industry is stressful enough with him adding to it daily. He owns the business so we can’t get rid of him.


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Try The Archangel Gabriel

what do you seek

protection from his constant hassels towards you? if so, Michael for help, he can weaken the direction pointed at you… as a basic… zillion other thigs too for shielding aainst any ill will, negativity.

Uriel for courage (michael too) to assert yourself against the boss, Raziel could give you a boost in wisdom to out smart your foe/boss

or, there ar eothers who can literally shake the fabric of your world, get you a new job somewher emore fun and rewarding

Once you begin you wont realise how much has changed, in such little time, thats what i notice - a WOW.

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