Spirit for mental/emotional revenge

Trying not to make this long but basically - with a guy for over a year, loving/happy/no issues. guy gets a promotion at work and suddenly he becomes too good for me. No other woman etc. just …he’s got an ego on him now. Yeah. I’ve had a few months to process as I cut off contact and since I’m not an emotional mess 24/7 (don’t get me wrong, it still hurts as it hasn’t been that long but I have more control over my emotions now), I want to start focusing on revenge.

I have called upon Duke Dantalion and he made his presence known very quickly and all was going well until I said, “And I want this done in 10 days.” My anger was towards my target, but came out wrong towards Dantalion. He was still incredibly understanding but did school me and let me know, “You don’t demand from me, Come back in 10 days and we’ll redo this,” However, it was done in such a kind, non threatening way that I do plan on going back to him (today is day 10 actually and he’s been on my mind all day). He’s even sent me some very specific signs that he’s around.

King Belial was much different feeling than Dantalion. Belial was very strong but laid back, I felt like I could laugh with him, however I could sense the power in the room as well. He agreed to work with me very quickly but actually said target and I were going to end up back together and that I’d have to be ready to reconcile and put anger aside, which will be hard.

So my question is this; I am NOT looking for some type of harm to him. I don’t want him to lose his precious job, I don’t want physical harm to come to him, but I DO want the mental/emotional hell he put me through to come to his door. The confusion, sadness, longing, that empty pit in my stomach that he caused me …I want him to have a taste of that.

I only called upon King Belial 5 days ago, so obviously I don’t expect anything yet and I got such a kind, caring vibe from Duke Dantalion that I’m wondering if he’d be willing to cause such feelings? I know I can ask him, but I’d just like some general feedback …Do you think Duke Dantalion would be the right one to go to for more “vicious” mental work, or is there another Spirit that may enjoy such a task?
And please, I am in no way questioning his powers, it’s just feels almost bad to me to ask for revenge work with a Spirit that was kind to me.


I wouldn’t worry, pretty much everyone gets that sooner or later, usually sooner and usually multiple times.

It won’t help you though. I suspect he’s not that important to be worth wasting all that effort on giving even more energy to him. After he gets his punishment, it won’t make you feel any better so your who reason for wanting vengeance will never go away unless you work on your energy.

I might mention, this attitude is likely to attract related negative energy into your life, like, more friends that are all broken and cut up about being dumped so you never get to forget it and live in peace or move on, so be careful to put extra work into protections against that.


For me Dantalion is a slow steady move… hes toys and toys with the mind. He is an amazing teacher and has linked information precisely for me. I work with Amducious for mind fucking and torment… ahhh i love that boy

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