Spirit for lost contact


I’m not sure if I’ve titled my topic well enough and that’s why if the mods want to edit the title then feel free to do so.

I also am not sure if I used the all powerful search function well enough. I searched “lost” , “lost contact” “reconnect” “spirit for lost contacts” and “entity for lost contacts” but the topics that came up weren’t relevant even though I’m sure my question must have come up in numerous forms and numerous times on this forum.

Effectively I’m looking for a way to get in touch with an old acquaintance that I haven’t heard from in years. Ideally I would like an entity to assist in allowing that they contact me or I contact them.

I’ve tried the contact me spell but that has never worked for me.

I’ve also tried Lady Eva’s Angel of Lost Things several months ago but that has never worked.

I tried divination but the cell phone numbers I got didn’t work

I don’t think things require reconciliation because things didn’t end on a sour note we just drifted apart and stopped speaking after college.

Edit: I tried social media but they don’t have social media anymore

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maybe Agares can help you

or Amon


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Which one was this? Do you mean the one in Grimorium Verum? :thinking: Or was it @Jnomadik’s version? We have a few of those …


The Grimorium Verum one worked for me with an online no contact situation, so it’s still standing up under modern energies and tech.

You could also try a petition to Hermes, I don’t know why but he seems interested and he has the skillset aka it’s in his offices.

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@Mulberry i don’t think it was either. It was the one where you draw a symbol of air (eg. A cloud or wings) and ask the person to contact you and then fold the paper three times. I can’t remember where I found it but I believe it was a link to a YouTube video posted on BALG.

Thank you I will do some research on Hermes

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@sanaRo I’ll do some research on Agares. I don’t know why but I’ve always had difficulty working with Amon.

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