Spirit for Lazines and Pleasure

Is there a spirit for this its like here is how my friend lives, All day free time business sending packages for 30 minutes and staying at home sex with his GF restaurants and riding his car. ^-^ I am 60% that way. I feel I need a similar spirit I overpushed myself and overstressed myself for years sold drugs and family issues. What spirit can help me with this I heard for Belphegor and also Do all spirits push you to work is nt there a wise pleasureloving lazy spirit that can give me wisdom and power.
This post can attract hate :smiley: but I am sharing my life with you guys here.

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Why would anyone hate? I’d love to make a lot of money working only 30 minutes a day and spending the rest of my day fucking women at home


That’s the end goal for when I’m in a cruise cycle. I pulse and glide, 2 months of intensive work and then 30 or so days off. That’s where I party with girls, race my motorcycle, write a ridiculous amount of music, and essentially just enjoy the life I’ve been building for. Good people, good times, and fulfilling time off.

The dream is to build a business and outsource everything so it can be run from a smartphone while you’re away (Read the book 4-Hour Workweek and go from there. Don’t follow the marketing advice though it’s good to know)

I did this with my company and within a year we had acquired international customers, an investor acquired us (and is running operations) and I basically just make new products.

You will NOT do it alone. Greatness like this always requires at least two people. E.A. is amazing yet he absolutely needs Timothy to make things happen on the scale they’ve built. Everyone else behind the scenes as well. You’ll need a team of your own.

After this I’d look into lifestyle design. I know a handful of people who basically just party around the clock when they’re not immersed in business and can flip back and forth on the fly like flipping a switch. One of them is in his 50’s, and sleeps with the same 20 yearolds I do in our friend circle. It’s a wild life but it can be attained, just be prepared to work your ass off in the beginning.

It’s more than worth it but nobody you currently know (unless they want in) will be on your side until you’ve made it and then they’ll be asking you how the hell you pulled it off. I’m mostly there and it’s still tough.

Read that book from cover to cover and I’ll be amazed if you aren’t completely changing your life around from the ground up. 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. He’s a bit of a charlatan in some regards but this book changed my life path. I’d be in med school with a big mormon family and a psychotic wife if it weren’t for him. Now I basically live the life you’re describing and that comes with a different set of problems that are much better to have.

Also, look into Wealth Magick by Damon Brand. It’s a set of workings that are geared towards the kind of wealth generation to build what you’re talking about. 4HWW helps steer it into orbit so you can mix both. Good luck man

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