Spirit for Influencing Someone to Regain Insight?

As most of you know, I’m doing my PhD in biochemistry, studying the biological underpinnings of ageing and degeneration. I’ve been in this role for 1.5 years, and in 3 months I’m coming up for my Qualifying Exam, which is when I convince a panel of 5 professors that my thesis is viable. Anyways, my supervisor, who I’ll refer to here as Dr. Lee, was excellent… when I first started.

However, starting around December of last year, Dr. Lee has become increasingly unreasonable, demanding, and devoid of a central mission for what we’re trying to accomplish in this lab. He is succumbing to the academic trap of thinking that the end goal of research is generating as many scientific papers as humanly possible. While I understand that he is under pressure by government grant agencies and his department to have a high publication count, this has gotten out of hand, and it seems that he’s forgotten our main purpose - to aid in the creation of new healing tools for doctors to use on very sick people.

Although it makes me sad to admit it, Dr. Lee’s publication pressures have made him a terrible teacher. There’s a reason we’re called PhD students. We are here to learn, not be ordered around. Dr. Lee is supposedly the leader of our lab, so he should learn to properly lead, teach, mentor, and create a healthy work culture to maximize our chances at a “Eureka!” moment.

All of this is to say, I need a spirit who can influence Dr. Lee to regain his insight and drive to be a good teacher, leader, and medical scientist. So, any ideas?

When I inquired to the wonderful Lady Eva about my roommate issues, she gave me some very wonderful, simple advice.
Light a white candle in his name, get in the zone, and speak to the higher self of this person.
It is one of the least intrusive things we can do to kick someone into gear on a subconscious level. I would start there.


Sounds like great advice from @Lady_Eva for sure! I’m afraid I don’t have a ton of experience, having only evoked one spirit (President Marbas) on two separate occasions. Could you go into a little more detail on the steps and expected outcomes for a ritual like this?

The steps are pretty simple. I’d get a plain white candle that you can carve the person’s name into. Nothing too large, hopefully you only have to do this with them once. Light it and light some incense because incense are the best things ever, and get into a meditative state in front of the altar/candle. Ask specifically for this person’s higher self to come through. Know that even if you can’t hear them, they can hear you. Just trust it, it makes this whole thing a lot easier mentally. Once you’re in a state you think is clear and calm enough, I would personally lead with something along the lines of
“I am contacting you in regards to insert name and their attitude and recent actions. I know they are a good person but I believe through my perception of their being that they have lost their way momentarily and aren’t being the great teacher they could be. I come to you asking that you guide them toward being their greatest self, both for the sake of their happiness, and the education of his students.”

Thank their higher self for their time, energy, and consideration and release them from your space. “Hang up” so to speak.
Let go of the experience. Remaining attached to the experience and the outcome may hinder results. Hopefully you notice changes in the following weeks.