Spirit for "Friends with Benefits"

I’ve been meditating periodically on Asmoday’s sigil and have noticed myself feeling a little more. . . gutsy with people. It’s kinda fun feeling different for once. I began getting the tickling urge to smile while throwing around random compliments and jokes in the kind of “cheeky fellow” way. A little forward and sarcastic but in the light-hearted kind of way.

I am kinda wanting to see how far I can take this. I was always fond of the more silly “playful friendship” kind of relationships, where she jumps from behind giving a quick one-armed squeeze-hug with a flirty “hi love, how are you!” lol The charming kind of thing; it just makes me feel good and want to giggle and squeeze them tight.

Simply hooking up with someone or always trying to get laid had gotten boring to me very quickly long ago; (and I’m only 22) and honestly, it’s gotten to where I’d likely rather have a quick cuddle-hug and a chat instead.

With that being said, would there a spirit anyone could recommend for attracting many of the close “friends with benefits” types? I bring this up just because I’d rather not waste a bunch of time evoking tons of different spirits just to see if anything happens as that’s not typically the wisest way to go about it.


are my first suggestions.

My personal best Ally in These Regards,
was Astarte.


Hope you get good results, you seem to be on a good track.


Not sure question u looking for love&sex at same time? Here.i spend years for love.sex. Fast sex.marts.sitti.sallos.belphegor.lilith.astarot.satan.apollo.andso on.onlove. I try venus&aphrodite.even the South American.deities.egyptian magic.u name it.but I never got in love.tey may.but I learn something.once u are able to cast sex spells. U can be able to bindings if it’s wat u want.but it’s another tread&spirts


Really Bune for sex, that never occured to me. Why Bune, just curious?

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Bune helped especially in keeping control over how much had been spendt,
in Dates, going out etc.
Bune worked wonderfully refilling the fridge,
but also keeping awareness sharp on own needs.

Bune, is in a way similar to Azi Dahaka, i belief.
Helped shifting Energys, Enviorments a bunch of times.
Bune was definatly an earlier encounter of being able to activly control and choose emotions and moods,
then Azi Dahaka. With the secound, it’s even more saddled into the own being.




Makes sense - I know when I was dating the wrong men and in the wrong marriage I was the one who was the ATM so Duke/Duchess Bune would have been an absolute help then.

I understand the money, always helps with women. Shifting energies? Environments , do you mean , Bune helped with right time and place and adapting to Environments? Control emotions and moods , so you mean being cool and suave, not being anxious and nervous? Sounds interesting I want to give it a try