Spirit Evocation vs Demon Evocation

I haven’t yet learned Evocation and am wondering what is the difference between Spirit Evocation and Demon Evocation. I understand it’s usually to aid in a spell and I’m assuming the process of evoking is the same but why would you summon a Demon over a Spirit or vice versa. Also, if we are God’s in our own right, why would someone choose to summon an entity instead of using their own power? Thanks in advance!


You could summon your own godform, but to answer your first question it depends on your path; do you prefer to work with angels? Demons? Gods? Faeries, or any specific entity? The spirits are guides to learn from to learn how to use your own godhood and godform

To be honest, I haven’t worked with any spirits. Just the elements, planetary energies and plant energies. However, my curiosity has started to grow concerning evocation and wanting to know what it’s about. So the point of evocation us to learn how to evolve your own godhood? So when I learn about and perform an evocation, I would first decide what I want to improve or learn to further my ascent and then evoke a spirit connected to that particular topic? Would you only do one evocation with this spirit or multiple? Do you need to give an offering and how do you know what to give as an offering? This just turned into 20 questions!

It is the templet of creation study up on the spirits you contact and offer accordingly

Thank you Hougan

A magician may believe ( or guess right :slight_smile: ) that a spirit, for example angelic, have moral concerns about an operation while a demon not. Also, that entities are more powerful, which isn’t necessarily true; but this belief and other blockages are somewhat delaying and limiting the possibility for the magician to use his/her God power directly.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks fapa79!

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