Spirit drawing powder

I can’t find a powder to draw spirit’s that are on my spirit alter to thier fetishes and to me I know there here when I call them but I would really want to give each one some drawing powder because some of the fetishes are from bones that are in my art so they tend to go there I have a full set of raccoon bones but I didn’t do what I normally do to fetish it and bring it’s spirit to me I know this spirit when it was alive because he kept getting into my trashcan he is a trickster and his spirit if bored tricks me I want drawing powder to draw him to his fetish when he dose… please help me find or post the ingredients to it I checked all my voodoo voodon voodu ’ rootwork. ’ folk magic ’ sachet powder books but I’ve noticed today we have more kinds I written them down but I have not found spirit drawing powder I need to make it please someone help this desperate person I already asked a few loas they said "ask the group you talk about sometimes to us " … Help me learn please