Spirit dolls

Hi all

One of the spirit guides who is very close to me is the one who helps with my card Readings . I felt strongly that she desired I get a spirit doll and that this would help with divination. I went to someone who I trust who makes the dolls and got one from her as we say in Spanish “trabajado” meaning prepared spiritually. I brought it home and did my own welcome and began our journey together. In the beginning I was apprehensive because I know, like with anything else in the practice that it’s a serious deal. But the experience has been nothing but positive.

Please I am interested to hear your experiences with a spirit doll if you are willing to share.

Thanks and Ashe :skull::candle::crystal_ball:


Learn what your spirit likes. What to offer. Talk to the spirit. Tell the spirit about your goals and worries. Once in a while take the spirit outside with you and walk with it out in the mountains, a park and even at work.

Be the spirits best friend and allow the spirit to be your best friend also.