Spirit divination with tarot -- unsure about this reading?

Hey all,

So I asked “Santa Muerte, are you there?”, and sorta decided internally that I would know she was if I drew the Death card.

Well I drew the Ten of Swords. Which is like… kind of right? That dude is pretty damn dead. I pulled two clarifying cards and got the Six of Swords and The High Priestess, a little confused on the Six of Swords.

Any thoughts?

What deck are you using?

Rider Waite Smith

The ten of swords is a card that is politely described as “negative thinking” by some love and light people, however, it could mean that you are not in the correct mental state that her presence requieres. I remember from the book “Tree of Qliphoth” by Asenath Mason, the analysis that was made there about Lucifer’s most popular sigil and the Tree of Life, and how important is to have the Hod (the rational mind) and Netzach (the emotions) in balance in order to contact the upper realms. The other two cards you pulled show that you can reach that requiered state, which is the state of becoming the oracle, but not of being the oracle yet (the priestess card). It seems that what answered to you, wants a deeper contact, not just being around you


As Santa Muerte is the Death, the answer is yes I guess. High Priestess mean you have to rely on your intuition. Yes the guy is dead so yes. But the question you asked - Are you there? - is not that specific, 6 of swords means a travel // exploring new areas. So connected with the HP may mean you’ve got to develop your spiritual knowledge. I wouldn’t be concerned with 10 of swords as you drew it to obtain the mark of her presence.

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That feels pretty true, I am still pretty new to engaging in my intuition in a magickal sense. I want to, but it’s just… tough.

Oh damn, now I realize why she didn’t give me the Death card. It’s sorta emblematic of my problem–I want certainty but unless I start digging down I won’t really get to see her anyway. I start TM soon, hopefully that will help. I do the LBRP every day, meditate sometimes. I have limited resources and capacity, so I guess I’m trying to figure out how to connect when it feels like I have this crappy old antenna TV and you gotta keep hittin the side of it to stay in frame (except in my case the picture goes bad about every 30 seconds).

Any advice?

Practice energy work, meditation and learn divination.

Get really good at this. It is crucial before you get anything further.



what vibes did you get from them first and foremost, analyze the card, its meanings and the feelings you get from it.

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