Spirit demon or angel to advise me

I have 4 people who need to say yes for my friend to get out of the house

And 3 females who are doing him harm

Advice on demons or any spirit who can help me

Does he want these females to go away?

King Paimon is very good for this kind of thing and manipulating peoples thoughts

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they just bring harm i want them gone idc what gone is

If you try to make them go away the path of least resistance typically is for the women to romantacize the man then one or the other breaks things off.

This is what ive found to be the case when you try keep men or women away from a man or woman who is seeking partnership. They interfere and the spell ends up breaking things off AFTER they start.

Similar to how if you ask for money it take the path of least resistance and nothing will happen till you get ylur usual paycheck

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Understood and thanks m you