Spirit/Demon for Hiring!

Please name the spirits/demons who can say find you the right people/candidates for hiring of a job vacancy or if you are looking for a person as domestic help/assistant!

Maybe Hathor, or anyone of the domestic goddesses? Hathor has an edge as Sekhmet, and should help keep thieves out.


Can you elaborate on “keep thieves out” part! Also where can I find info on domestic goddesses?


At a guess i’d say it means if anyone tries to steal your shit she’ll rip their heads off and drink their still warm blood? :thinking:


Well as far as demons go, there’s Belial, Agares, Paimon and Ronove. I’ve had success with all of them. The Lwa that can help with this are: Chango, Legba, Papa Azaca, and many many more. The gods that can help you are: Hephaestus, Heimdallr, and many many more.


Lucifuge Rofocale. Good ol uncle mesphito.

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Have you personally experienced Belial, Agares, King Paimon for the task of hiring etc?

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King Paimon is great for getting hired in my personal experience. He’s gotten me two different jobs on ask in the last 7 months. Definitely go for it❤️

Shoutout to King Paimon​:black_heart::metal:t4:

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