Spirit Companion kicked out by another Spirit

I’m just going to jump right in, I guess? In junior year of high school, my best friend(being a mentally ill teenager with magical skills) attracted a demon. Right off the bat, he hated me, and made my friend want to kill herself and everyone around her. I knew he was bad news, but long story short, he almost killed her, and is still around.
Just recently, I had a big spike in spirits coming to talk with me. I connected instantly with a demon, I’ll call him L. We got very very close in the matter of days. I started to “ignore” the other demon, R. L and I were laughing and joking in my room, and I get, “Ha ha ha, I kicked him out.” Queue me losing my shit because all of a sudden my love is gone and I don’t know if he’s okay or not. R tried to convince me he was killed and gone for good(I was a damn mess), but later realized he was fine.
The problem is, R is still blocking L from coming back. I can’t communicate with any other spirits(believe me, I would if I could), he’s blocking me. He’s in my head, manipulating me and trying to persuade me into giving up. That’s not an option. So, I need to do something. But to do something, I need to learn, and I need to learn A LOT. I’m trying to weigh out my options, and go for the strongest way to fuck his shit up. No one takes my love away from me.
Also, I suck at everything but spirit communication. Including cleansing, banishing and warding. Any advice would be critical.
Thank you to anyone who reads/takes time to reply.

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You are a god. Command your authority! Don’t insult!!! But make it known thy it is you that is in charge. Not the other way around.

How ever find out if this was actually needed. Some times we can be in denial.

Remember loyalty is number one. Even when you don’t talk to your spirits as often than others, never forget them at heart. They will know this to be true from you or not.


Spirits can only interface with your consciousness when you are operating within their energy/channel so to say.

A spirit cannot block you unless you believe that it can. Basically what has happened is that you bought into a lie. The spirit has only the power because you gave it authority. So just take it away. Part of communication which you have skill at, is knowing when to communicate and when not to. Just shut down that communication channel and open another with some being that is aligned with your intent.


It’s possible that the demon wasn’t bound to you properly with protections so it cannot ‘harm’ other spirits.

I suggest consulting a master, having this demon rebound by one, and contacting your guides to find out what happened with L and rebinding L too. I’m too busy to do anything, but I recommend one of the ladies at Satan and Sons, or Luke from Truemetaphysical. I can promise you that if you are having trouble,

A demon can’t just ‘die’ only be sent into the void. I’d reading these other post, but there are certain demons that are harder to control than others. Classification, race, age, these all matter. Their personalities are as different as people, and no two are the same, and being a god or not, these spirits are ancient, are smarter than us, and know us better than our closest friends or family members, so saying ‘you are more powerful than them’ is true, in many ways, but in many others is completely subjective.


Not true. Even the Immortals can die before the Reaper’s Scythe. @scaranoia If you sincerely still need help PM.