Spirit communication and experimentation

Hello guys can I combine tarot and specific spirit to get a direction or to find hidden items ?

If yes the please help me lay out the steps.

Thank you.

I can’t lay out the steps for you, as I have never done it, but I have met people that have done it, who I don’t have any contact with due to parting ways in life, but i do know it can be done

That is good news! Do keeps me posted if you find anything!!

will do!

What do you mean by hidden items?

I contact spirits via tarot sometimes.

That is what I want!

Kind of way to communicate with spirits and to get information about objects, places and people.

What tarot spread do you use ?

When I try to connect to Spirits I don’t use a specific spread. I may the cards out in front of me like a fan, close my eyes and „let them choose the cards“.

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I’ll try that. Thank you Lunia!