Spirit box World Craft and Practice Group

Of recent months I have had what I can only say are recent engagements with Pan

I document these on my Yt channel, for those interested, not wanting to self promote.

These interactions came at first in the form of significant synchronism and not just with myself but also with a few friends and fellow mages I collaborate with over you tube. Especially with some of the topics we would cover in our monthly shows and in our daily life and practice.

The thought through all of this occurred to me, Was it a possibility to contact a spirit entity or otherwise through various means of practice and technology at the same time in two or more locations.

I would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this and if any attempts as such has been made, and if anyone is interested in attempting some group work as such to these means I would be glad to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read



Great to see you here Davie, hope you enjoy the site.


The video was intriguing. Your methods are pretty good. Glad to have you on here.


Wyrd. I was just thinking a day or two ago about proposing a group working of a simultaneous/synchronized evocation. I was thinking Lucifer, but its also significant to me that you mention Pan, as I go to Pan near daily, being a friend of the fae and forest folk, and being someone who enjoys obsessing over the wild beast within, also having plenty of experience with panic and fear.

I would join forces if we were to come up with something, or were something to come up with us…