Spirit boards and sigils

I am just about ready to finish up my Spirit board, right now i am applying sigils for Entities who talents forces or powers i wish to flow freely and assist when using it. I so far have Belial and Lucifer-(Dukante sigils) and have looked at Luithian, Abbadon, Ashoreth ? Asmodeus and Ronwe as possibles, but they are rather thin on data about them other than what the Complete Book of Demonolatry has to offer. I am wondering if someone else out there has made a board and put sigils on who have they used and who do they think would be really good and why? i have considered the demon EA ties to his UC’s.

I appreciate anyones input.

Maybe you can find some useful tips with this video I don’t know…
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Use runes! They have all sorts of mundane and spiritual significance. The rune Algiz for example symbolizes protection and the rune Ansuz corresponds with Odin and the dead.

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