Spirit appearing while invoking

I had a demon I have not worked with come to me recently whilst it invoked a spirit i do work with (Qayin). Anyone have this happen to them before? Or something similar? What does it mean that they choose to appear before me like this?

Im pretty sure ive read about the demon some here but I always get more personal names. The one given to me was Faustus.

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Yes I have folks just show up and either help with something I was struggling with and go again, say they want to work with me, or occasionally just want to talk or play as a one-off.
I don’t follow up on every visit. I wish I could, but life gets in the way.

What does it mean? I’d take it as read that you have visibility in the subtle realms and are attracting interest. What kind of interest is going to depend on the spirit in question.

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Much like when live human people bang on your door, it’s either because the entity sees some prospective use in you, or more rarely they see you as a threat to something of theirs and want to do something about it.

Im used to having random spirits show up to me but i think i didnt explain well enough or the two of you misread a bit. A spirit showed up to me invoking another spirit. So Faustus showed up while he was invoking Qayin. I have had spirits invoke me but never have a spirit come to me that was also invoking a 3rd. Thats what im interested in.

Oh. Yeah that’s common. Many grimoire writers even tell the reader to specifically expect certain entities to appear with attendents, which can number anywhere from one or two into the hundreds, possibly more.

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So I should view the invoked (or perhaps the invokee) as an attendent to the other? Is this a “hard link”, meaning they have parts of their energy which attach them, or should it be viewed as a “soft link”, like a friendship or working relationship? In short do you suggest a hard link between Faustus and Qayin? Or do you suggest otherwise or not know.

What confuses me is I have had multiple spirits join and confront me as one, why did that not occur this time? I feel like they attempted to impart something important by that but cannot tell.

Perhaps it has something to do with the body of Faustus and the mind of Qayin. When I read the lesser keys I remember hearing that many of the demons came with plenty of company. Is Faustus from the Goetia? I cannot seem to recall.

No, Faustus is the surname of a line of infamous Germanic occultists. Demons are controlled by their true names and so often go by literary monacres unless coerced.

It’d be a hard link in that demons more or less own their underlings.

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Your responses only raise more questions in me! Perhaps it was no demon but another person who appeared before me. Maybe I just saw the horns and the hair and junped to assumptions. Qayin’s energy may have had that much of an effect on them, or perhaps I miss something still.

I suppose I will have to do some reading on who Faustus is/was. I can feel the two of them around me know so I could talk to them but I feel they are enjoying staying in the shadows a lot rn. It feels like one of those things that if I push into it it’s gonna open a rabbit hole. I have so many open at this moment though not sure if i need more!

Cain and Faustus were reportedly damned for remarkably similar murders of blameless and beloved victims.

The demon most closely with Faust of course is Mephistopheles.

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