Spin That Wheel! Ryce's Psi Wheel Challenge

This is a new journal for me. In it I will be discussing my attempts at developing PK-like abilities. More specifically moving the Psi Wheel at a distance without the aid of my hands. Now I have never successfully done PK before, ever. I have had some half-hearted attempts at learning it, and I know the theory. I just do not have the practice.

So for the next 120 days, I am going to try to SPIN THAT WHEEL. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will see some progress in that regard. This ability is something that I have been lusting over since I was a teenager, but who doesn’t want PK abilities, no matter how lite.

My setup is as follows:

  • I have a Psi Wheel made under a glass dome. It is about 2 or so feet away from my meditation pillow.
  • I am going to be utilizing breathing and the ‘empathy’ method to try to establish a connection between me and the wheel.
  • I am going to practice for no more than 10 mins every day.
  • I am going to approach the exercise in a light hearted and playful way. Inner Smile and all that.
  • I will post my progress and lingering thoughts on day to day exercises.
  • The Psi Wheel practice will take place after my qi gong and cosmic orbit meditations

End Goal:

To post a video of the psi wheel moving via my direction.

Comments, suggestions/hints, and stories about how you got started are always welcome.

Day 0:

No movement.

The wheel had fuzzy purplish hue radiating off of it. I am unsure if its a trick of the eye or I am tuning into its energy. For now I will assume it is nothing special as I see aura-like radiance when I stare at all mundane things as well. I don’t put much stock into aura reading, unless it comes with other feelings/intuitive gut reactions. Seeing colors around people and things is just normal for me when I am tuning into things.


What is PK?

PK is psychokinesis


Day 1:

No movement.

Proceeded as planned right after my qi gong.

My mind wandered a bit every now and thing off the task. I noticed I had thoughts other than on the wheel, and although I returned my attention back to the wheel, I feel like I was pretty distracted or that, because of those thoughts I will not move the wheel. Which, in retrospect, is just adding to my problems in developing TK. A stray thought is not going to kill TK potential.

I also found myself focusing on the buzzing/tingling sensation in my feet. Which is usual after my qi gong practice. Just it kept not wanting to connect or interact with the wheel in general.

I need to remember the ‘play’ aspect in all this. Its easier said than done.

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Day 2:

No Movement.

I had a thought while practicing today. It is not that ‘nothing’ is happening. Every time I sit down with intention, I am building that reality: in that one I will be able to preform telekinesis on the wheel. This is a psychic ability that I have never been able to develop. So there is a major block somewhere there in that fact alone.

However, I am confident that dedication and daily practice I will be able to overcome this hurtle.

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Day 3:

No movement.

The practice is growing ‘less boring’ as I progress. I think the act of just sitting and doing it, along with the feeling of this is building to something, is compelling my mind to be at ease.

I had a dream about telekinesis. A forum member was showing me how, except we were using forks and spoons. He sat with his back towards the table and asked me try TK. The fork did not budge. Then he ‘tried’ it, and the fork slid across the table and by the time it reached the end of the table, the forks spokes were all jangled and bent every which way. I was encouraged to continue practicing and eventually Ill be able to do that ‘with ease’.


My weekend has been fairly busy but I still practiced! It is easy to give yourself a ‘pass’ when it comes to busier days, and I hope not to fall into that trap.

Day 4:

No movement.

There was a bug in my room. It kept flying on me. I am not advanced enough at meditation to just ignore it soo :confused: I practiced but I feel like I did not get the most out of it because of that.

Day 5:

No movement.

No sign of the bug. I was thinking doing this in increments of 10 mins may be effective in measuring the time it takes to develop the skill? So far its been about 60 mins (counting day 0). Hm idk. Idle musings of the mind. Still spurred on by the TK dream.

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Day 6 & 7:

No movement.

Day 8:

No movement.

Sitting daily and staring at the wheel trying to connect with it is seeming to go easier. The quick ten min session seems to go by a bit faster. I am not sure if that is because I am getting used to an external focus for meditation or that something else is afoot. Regardless, I am still chugging along.

I’m following this out of curiosity. I will admit that I have not studied tk and have no idea how they tell you to do it, but…

Can’t you just manipulate energy around you to make a small change? Like learn how to push it out of you right there, rather than at a target of a spell? Maybe I’m way off here, and I say just like I think it will be easy when I do not, but rather than pushing with your mind, which I have no idea how you would it it, have you tried pushing with energy instead? Maybe that’s not a thing lol…

Guess if it was everyone would be doing tk right…

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That is one way to do it actually. You build up energy and then discharge it at the object. I believe I read it takes a combination of Yin and Yang in the right amounts, and being able to push something with the force of your qi is a test to measure how advanced along your journey is.

However, the book also says the initial test takes a physical master to push yin to allow the student to project enough to say… push over a can xD

In certain nei gong traditions its said to take ‘years’ of daily cultivation and purification of your vital energies to reach that point. Now I am not sure I believe everything stated, but that is supposedly how one tradition goes.

I am trying a different route akin to what people like TreborSeven teach, where you form an empathic connection with your target and through that are able to manipulate the thing.

However in a few months if I havent gotten results, I might be looking for other ways to do the practice.

I just >.> have seen other people being able to spin psi wheels within two weeks of practice, but I dont know how long their practice sessions are nor what techniques they used.

My thought with 10 mins being a guideline is that it will be long enough for me to fall into a suitable trance, while not straining myself mentally/[hysically to get something to happen. Maybe they do need to be longer? I am not sure.


Why not just manipulate the energy of the object you are trying to move?

Well. It’s a big task and such, maybe not longer but maybe more often. A day is a long time, particularly if your not consistent on timing and doing it close to the same time everyday- you could need up with way more than a 24 hour gap if your not fitting it in the schedule well.

Thats the point of the empathic connection. Supposedly it allows the energies of you and the energies of the object to sync up (from my understanding) and with that allow the push/pull of things?

Like practice more than once a day?

With my current schedule, I get up do my daily writing task (the life of a self published author). Depending on how everything flows, I can get done around noon - 1:00 PM every day. I then do my qi gong and orbit meditations, and go right into the PK ‘training’ afterwards, then try to do some projection work. I usually get done around 2:30-3:30 depending.

Since I started, I havent missed a day of trying to move that wheel xD


I mean I hear you on your doing a lot already but ten minutes twice a day instead of twenty once (yes I know your ten now) isn’t that hard to arrange :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk why, I just feel like frequency is more important than longevity here. I still don’t really know anything about it other than what you’ve elucidated upon.

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I understand what you are saying :smiley: I was just making sure that is what you meant xD haha You’re right, it wouldnt be hard to slide in another session.

Thank you so much for the input. I really appreciate your thoughts.

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Day 9:

No movement.

Day 10:

No movement.

During the preliminary meditation before I would start to try PK on the psi wheel, Glasya-Labolas’ Enn popped into my head. I felt a heavy presence, enough to get me to start teetering slightly back and forth while seated. I had the vague impression to try a different PK technique: the one where you just project energy at it and try to move it that way.

Did that this time. Felt an energy circuit right away. Something (pretty sure it was GL) was pushing on my back, and seeping this energy through me, mixing it with my attempts to move the wheel. So I am going to experiment with this further, as it was interesting and potent enough for me to actually feel something.

Incorporate Semen Retention into your PK practice, you will notice a BIG difference.

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I’ll try that!

Yeah, I used to do PK as a little hobby, and I moved the psi wheel off the needle in front of my dad.