Spilled candle wax on a sigil

I’m wondering if it’s still usable, or if I should create another. If I should create another, what do I do with the one I have?

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Id say use it. If you were using both for a ritual, depending on the ritual it could be a sign of energy pouring out over it if the candle burned down pretty cleanly.

Thats my take on it at least.


Happens to the best (and worst) of us. I’d take it as a good sign just as @Dinmiatus said.


It was a single straight line of wax that ran down the front and back of the paper pretty much dead center. I didn’t know what to make of it. Especially since I was using pennies to communicate, and every single throw landed 2 heads up, 2 tails up. The question didn’t matter, all got the same answer. I even flipped the pennies separately after that, thinking maybe their weight was off or something. On their own each one could land on either side without an issue. The end result left me very confused.

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