Spiders and snake

I’ve been starting to see some running around. Anyone know this to be a sign of something?

Could be a sign of…the weather getting warmer? Plenty of insects to eat? Holes in your house, maybe, if snakes are getting in?

No offense meant, but is there a particular reason that you think it could be a sign of something? Without providing background info like what you’ve been up to or whether snakes and spiders are common where you’re finding them, it’s hard for anyone to provide insight.


Well I should have given some more background. I live in the norther Rocky Mountains and it is common to see snakes and spiders. But I have never seen them this early in the year. I have been doing some stuff towards Lilith so that’s why I ask.

Also to add I only have seen them eather out next to a pond where I’m just chilling or in my house.