Spider 🕷 manifestations


Okay so i’ve been working through the BMOA heavily and after every meditation, after every ritual and every working I do i’ve had a spider appear.

I’ve killed them and placed them in a jar for dark workings, I have counted twelve rites and twelve spiders along with two black dragon flys.

First of I thought it was arachane the spider goddess I asked her she said it wasn’t her.

So I thought what could this mean and how do they manifest out of literally no where, this is a picture of one of the spiders.


Have these spiders been appearing before the daemonic child?


No not at all


when spiders appear out of no where for me it Bealzebub, trying to tell me something. ive had it happen numerous times.
not saying that is what this is but for me thats usually who it is.


It could be related to the div you are working with, have had some crazy synchronicity happen whenever i begin focus on a different ray of the black sun through kunda yoga


First time I evoked Lucifer there was this gross bug thing crawling across the floor and its abdomen was swollen and full of juice so when I dropped something on it to kill it, it left a little puddle. Urggghhh. Maybe demon kings usually send spiders but Lucifer sent the bug thing instead cause he’d knew I’d freak if it were a spider. I haaate them.


Only partially related, there’s a female spider that has a web hung up by the side door of my apartment building so every time I come in I say hi to her.


Might have something to do with your demon child since they didnt spawn before. Maybe those spiders are a key to something greater.


If I was him I would try to sacrifice one of the spiders which spawns and see how the child reacts.


These are manifestations of the Ahriman’s Noxious Creatures. This is also a totem of yours since it is coming forth through ritual experience. Though it has yet to be published there is a lot of individual work with the noxious totems. Spider, frog, scorpion, worm, etc.

Though at the surface many of these Noxious totems seem insignificant the powers they represent are profound. For instance the worm can empower the adept through regeneration and rebirth. The spider manifestation is an omen leading you toward the weaving of fate through sorcery or low magick.


This little beauty popped up outta nowhere today


What type of spider is it?


I have no idea.


Did some digging and looks like a brown recluse spider.


:cold_sweat: do not let that thing bite you, your skin will rot. Acrophobia yes please


Lol. Yeah I sent it on it’s way. Gonna make sure it didn’t leave friends behind. :neutral_face:


That is what I was thinking. That is a brown recluse. Be careful with those! We have them in our house too. I have seen them a few times and they are not even supposed to BE where we live. Well. They are! I hope they do not start popping up everywhere when i start working that book… (quiet sobbing can be heard)


You could try and do some necromancy, and see if you could bring the spider back to life.


@nikki That’s very, very good. You might need them for the Path we discussed over PM.


I thought about that too! lol! I also found out that my neighbor has black widows in her back yard and am planing on going to find some! I am so excited! hehehe! (well I guess it is official! I have just hit that particular level of insanity!! contented sigh)