Spider and the green butterfly question

I was looking through the list of books Balg offers and saw the spider and the green butterfly. I was wondering a) is it worth purchasing but b) has anyone read it, if so can you tell me if says anything about Zombies. Ive been stuyding some med stuff on my break and it could prove useful if it does.

Also some older people around me practice hoodoo so im curious about this book. I dont know the older people in my area well enough to be comfortable asking questions. And my family didnt do anything of that nature.

But i think this book could be interesting to work through escpecially in the swamps.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

No, it doesn’t say anything about “zombies.”


Oh, thats too bad for me. I wanted to see about a medical theory i was thinking on today.

Do you know of any books that do?

No, because that is secret knowledge within the religion of Voudon, and not something openly shared, especially with the non-initiated.


Ok thank you.

So the author wasnt initiated? I’m confused, how did he learn what to write about?

Yes ea was initiated I’m pretty sure.

Yes, he was initiated, but that doesn’t mean he was allowed to share everything he was taught.

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Yeah some things in voodoo are like meant to be kept secret right? I was never interested to want to be initiated into such a current. Voodoo looks interesting indeed but it’s not for me

I’ll say magick in general no matter the current may not be for everyone and certain currents specifically like necromancy for example may not be for everyone

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There’s documentaries on this though. From a non magickal perspective it’s about drugging someone so they don’t know which way is up, burying them alive, digging them up and psychologically terrifying them into believing you have power over them.

It relies heavily on cultural belief in this as a valid reality, like the tricks lazy mages play where someone just tells the target they’re cursed and their belief makes it true.

Since doing any of that would be highly illegal in the US and it’s not in our rules to talk about physical violence, for liability reasons, we can’t really get deeply into that part.


I was thinking i had watched a documentary of Haitian Voudon where they use poison from a puffer fish to affect the neurological system. But i dont remember if it was on the history channel or where.

I was curious about this because Ive recently read of wasps that lay larvae on a certain type of spiders back and when the larvae hatch they take over the spider and cause it do things it normally wouldnt, like leaving its group and spinning webs that are different and that form a cocoon for the wasp. And once the wasp emerges it consumes the spider.

And another wasp called the ermerald cockroach wasp that takes over control of a cockroach and puts it into a zombie state. That again the wasp wi eventually consume. So zombies do exists even if its not how hollywood portays.

I was curious from the medical stand point of this as there are several way one could acheive this.

It could also be a parasite taking over a host. Which that discription sounds very close to possession.

Ive just begun looking into to it though, so its all still elementary.

I was just hoping there would be better information than what little a documentary would tell.

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I would suggest you take it up with your professors or a medical forum. It’s not magick at this point.

Post closed as it’s gone off topic.

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