Spider and Green Butterfly Question

Iam reading through the book and Iam where EA gives the recipe about the concecrating water with the Morocco oil in it. It has instructions as how to make it and how to use it but I was wondering if anyone here practices Vodoun can I Make it and use it but without using an altar for Loa? I mean an altar wwhich is dedicated to them. If anyone has worked through it or knows anything can you please give an insight?

A temporary table will suffice. In all honesty I use my desk, kitchen table, the top of my cabinet, hell even the top of my refrigerator. As long as you show respect and the place your using is clean and not messy or dirty.

Thank you very much for replying in this question. Iam planning to make Florida water as described in the book because of the effects it described. Iam curious to witness its power and by curious I mean it in a good way. I will respect the Loa and find a clean place. I just wanted to be sure that No disaster will befall me because I wanted to make it.