Spider and gaap demon

Hey everyone 2 days before I did sigil gazing of gaap ,I felt the chills in my body and little flickering of candle flame ,after I was done a spider came in candle light over gaap sigil then banished into dark ,after that I saw in the room that spider and a baby spider very little.
Does it mean anything or just a simple spider came in candle light thnx


Just reading this I don’t think it is connecting but I am looking to see if there is any connection between Gaap and spiders. Sometimes google and books are my best friend. :smiley: So far I am not seeing anything. If it was someone like Lilith for example that would be a great sign.

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Thnx for answering :smiley:

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You are very welcome!

I’ve had spiders show up for a demon before. I’ve also had a lady bug fly into my car rights after doing a Bune spell . I rolled it down just a bit and as soon as I did a ladybug flew in. Don’t know if this helps but i think it’s definitely a sign sometimes

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