Spellwork and you

Hello folks, one thing I see minimal of on here is spellwork. Why is that?

On that note if you weave the spells and cast the lightning bolts, what spells do you use? Did they work for you? (Results) what are the ‘ingredients’?

I’ll post one of mine in a bit, at work hiding in the bathroom so limited time.

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I still do spell work. Heres an old one, part of my last one.

That’s a shirt with DNA, a pic, petition, controlling oil and powder as well as love. Candle with a heart carved into it. I stuck a pin in my finger and coated it in blood, then pierced the “heart”, ensuring I would now be IN the individuals heart always.

The other part was a skull mason jar filled love potion, menstrual blood, the same ingredients as before. I spoke orders into it via smoke and fed it sexual energy.

Yes, it worked.


The good old vinegar jar, never fails you x

Voodoo doll plus EA’s incantations on a victim, that’s another good spell.

Leaving my own voodoo doll in a box with for sympathetic magic used to work a while back.

Did the ammonia jar spell a Lot.It kind of worked to reverse situations.That is not too good for money messes we are in.

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I combine sympathetic magick with hoodoo candle spells, and throw in sigils, and planetary invocations during the corresponding days and hours. That’s pretty much my chaos magick melting point formula and it almost always works. Not one method, but several in one.


I’m not really comfortable posting my workings until their finished, and preferably at least a month has passed. I use witches ladders a lot, there’s usually 5-8 hanging in my ritual room. I did a curse a few months back with a rice filled poppet and hawthorn thorns and my egg candle weight loss spell finished running its course last saturday. Need to renew that with a new goal sometime before the end of the month. I generally don’t post spell instructions due to translation difficulties and lets admit it:sheer laziness


What he said :joy:. We had a video call the other day and both agree this almost always manifests results :+1:


Witch ladders?

Witches ladders: A type of knot magic. You tie knots on a rope, and with each knot visualize the desired outcome, often placing some type of charm for example feathers in each knot. I usually also use a chant that vocalizes my purpose. Looks somewhat like this

Though this appears to be a braided version, I rarely do those as it takes way more time.


I’m going to use that thank you.

Perhaps it’s typical, but I’ve had a lot of success with hand shaped dolls, voodoo. Each element inside pertaining to an action I expect. It has caused suffering and other fates.

I prefer to use clay to shape the figure, I’ve noticed when the clay doesn’t co-operate for the target it indicates that person has much spiritual protection.


In my view the words have power. I barely can work magick without some words of power, can be the traditional ones or made by myself as spells and also petitions. But most often I speak them out loud vibrating them to achieve a trance state.


Clarification. In my natal language the word “spell” has to do with speech mainly. The magickal aspect of this word is more to “sorcery” or “sortilege”. Some confusion between languages. I always do sortileges in a daily basis but words are the key point to me, they activate the whole process. Regarding pictures I agree with what people have said, it is not a good idea to show pictures of works which are in progress and I was taught for not taking photographs of works cause photographs steal the energy and end weakening the work.


For me spell work is split between the rituals i preform with the things i learn from black magick of ahriman and what the divs teach me and lately very intense and weird planetary ritual formula dropped on my head by goetic spirits.


I do magick all the time. I never use spell books or anything like that. It just kinda comes out of me. I guess that is not a surprise because the magick does come from inside as they say…

What I use depends upon the type of spell it is. Sometimes I just use words and intent. Actually those seem to be the most destructive and damaging to the target. Which Is why I learned a long time ago to control my thoughts and emotions. I act. I do not react. Hmm… I use candles. I do workings with sigils. They seem to be very effective as well. I have used jars, and boxes. (coffin, to bury that hoe and put a bitch in a jar!) Chains… ropes and cords…

The ingredients of a spell depend on the intent and what energies I am drawing. I make my own oils, candles, herb blends and incenses for my spells. I use crystals and bones…personal links to the target of course. whatever resonates and calls to me. It is quite a creative process and a way that I can really express myself. If it makes sense to you and it is calling to you to use it then use it! My famous quote: Go with your gut. Listen to your gut it is never wrong. My advise with spell work is be very careful with the way you word your spell. Many times people have problems with their workings is because of self doubt first of all and the way they have worded their intent/command.

If someone wants to ask questions or get help with building a working they can PM me. I am not the end all know all on magick by any means. I am just a little witch living in the woods of Pennsylvania, but, what I do know I have no problem sharing. I think there is not a lot on spells because it is so personal - kind of like grandma’s recipe box! You just do not usually share them. But of course no one is asking! lol! Ask and you shall receive!