Spellwork and Vampirism

Hey All!

The subject title pretty much covers it all. With spell working I can honestly say ritualistic work I can say that from: my affirmations ( prior to kulandalni/ahrimaic/body of shadow exercises) To the opening: drawing of inverse pentagrams( in their invocating elemental perspectives) Sigil opeings/ holding your goal while doing this, to the gathering of all energies productive to your goal and launching it to the ether; is an energetic experience.
I can see and read the invocation to read it but the spoken word is wrong or I stumble etc or overwhelmed to the point where I need a second to say it . It feels like one part of my brain is more active while the other slows down(nothing serious) My question is: is this a vamp thing? Not really a serious question more like a reason to review or take a look if ya haven’t noticed while practicing.