Why do people do spells if they can just manipulate energy by themselves without tools?

You can’t just manipulate energy; it needs to be directed toward something (i.e. a goal). The idea is for spells to help with guiding energy and precision.

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What’s your definition of a spell?

spells arent tools lol, spells are people manipulating their energy without tools. I think you mean rituals.

using tools to make magick

I would say: A spell is the complement to an evocation! we can evoke even if I use candles, or other tools and project the energy to the objective, if we summon a deity or evoke we can catalyze out of the evocation a spell to catalyze the effect we seek, all aimed at the objective, Evocation + spell greater catalysis Of the objective.

Everything will depend on the evocator’s progress as he manages his energy force at the level of consciousness, because as I mentioned according to his development it is not necessary for many to reach this point.

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While I find tools redundant, they are for people who need an extra “oof” imo because the symbolism they give sid tools.

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Many people are skilled at energy manipulation and can direct energy at will.

Yes you can just manipulate your own energy, the energy that runs through your energy system, it doesn’t need a goal.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m differentiating between energy work and actual rituals. I’m sure they become one in the same once you’re skilled enough.

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Tools are in my opinion power harnessing and energy focusing, but hold no power in and of themselves other than what we give them.


Ritual work while doesn’t need tools, it helps for the practitioner who uses them for symbolic purposes and the extra energy. Personally, in my own rituals, I just use my own energy coupled with maybe a petition spell here and there. Only other tool I sometimes use is blood.


Everytime a thought is created, A spell is cast. Choose wisely your thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:


Ritual and direct energy work is no better than the other, different paths to the same goal. Though I disagree with the every thought created is a spell cast, that’s a bit of a reach to make.


Yeah, it comes with being 6’3" tall and 35" sleeve length. My reach is always high and wide LOL


I don’t know. It’s not that far of a reach. I think it depends on will and of course intention.

Though it can come off sounding cheesy, it’s really to reel people in and emphasize the power behind your thoughts. Then there’s those weirdos who are insanely gifted at manifestation and you will have what they will.

I remember thinking I was building a hell hound servitor once. And that was that. Meanwhile, I got pissed at someone around the same time I created it and they got bitten in the ass by an actual dog. Coincidence?

I mean servitor/thoughtforms are literal thoughts taken form, that’s different, but I can see how it can reel in those who would simply be like “omg cool” to that sound of it.

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But the point was for it to stay in the astral. :joy:

So either it was programmed poorly, or the power from rage forced it to materialize.

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