Spells with Tarot

I was watching mastering divination. And Ea was talking about using that tarot cards to use in rituals. Does anyone know anything about that?

Yup, you can do a pathworking similar to what I did with The Runetastic 24 Days. It will be a bit longer of course, but tapping into one tarot card per day and meditating on it and its energies will allow you to see just how they fit into your life and your personal gnosis. Then you will start to find all sorts of neat things will the Tarot.

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There is a book called Tarot Spells by Janina Renee that cover many
topics including Money, Business, Enemies, Divorce, etc. The author
breaks down these topics further i.e. Success in Starting a New
Business, for General Business Success and starting a Home Business.

The cards suggested for each topic are insightful and make you reconsider
how you interpret them.


I used to use the cards kind of like mental/astral gateways. By projecting into the cards and/or becoming the creatures or beings in the cards for a time I gained new insights and perspectives than I had before. I used the major arcana of the New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot for that. I’m sure any deck would work.

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A simpler method of what Empyrean spoke about is to write out a petition of what you want and lay a corresponding tarot card on top and then place a candle on top of that. The tarot card has an energy relating to the petition and is focused by the flame. If one wanted a fulfilling relationship they would burn a pink candle on 10 of Cups or Lovers card.

A black candle, personal concerns, 10 of Swords and graveyard dirt.


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