Spells vs ceremonial rituals

What’s the difference when you cast a spell like using a sigil to get a result vs asking an angel/demon/archangel etc for a result? Which is more powerful? I’ve always wondered this. Does it make a difference like if you work with sitri for something will it manifest the same way as if you were to cast a spell on a sigil?

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The difference is you’re involving another entity when you evoke/invoke. It’s impossible to say which will work better/faster. A competent mage can manifest anything through spellwork. It’s not necessary to make a pact with a spirit, but most of us (myself included) enjoy working with them. People can argue all day long which is the better way, but it’s all subjective according to personal experience and opinion.


I agree with @J.A.Ragnarson, it’s hard to say. However, when you’re serious about learning and working toward a higher goal for self, these entities will teach you . Any smart mage will take notes and understand the valuable lessons there for future work. Sure it’s great to have an entity do something for you - they like to give gifts as we do as humans. But the best thing they do is teach you how to do it yourself.


This :point_up_2:

Just flow with the cosmic energies that be.

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The first is pure lhp. But don’t make me repeat myself, ad nauseam.


The way I see it, a sigil is a special kind of Focus. A focus is any object besides the magician’s body that gets involved in magical or psychic actions.

I’m partial to athiesm, so I lean toward “arcane” which I take to mean “the system that is not understood”. Chi and Rakki and some Hinduism might appeal to you.

There are lots of good definitions for Magic, one might be “crazy invisible action at the very edges of reality”. A spell is “making something happen in a supposedly impossible way and being the only one who saw it”.

Involving a divine or atstral being in one’s magical work is a good way to make sure you aren’t just going crazy. Psychologists don’t agree with that method, don’t bring it up around those guys :+1: