Spells to make yourself more attractive!

I have to admit since ive been asking Lucifer to make me beautiful like he is Ive had multiple women compliment my looks a week but is there a way to become extremely seductive?

You could do a attractive spell, it doesnt change your looks but attracts women

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Do you not understand how the search function works before asking a question? There are tons of threads already on this topic.


I love how there are so many “use the search function, there are tons of threads on this topic” responses by you lol

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Well, I’d rather repeat myself endlessly telling people to do a search first before asking common questions, than everyone else wasting their time repeatedly answering the same thing over and over again ad nauseam.

Some people seem to want be spoon fed than find answers for themselves.


You can go the psionics route. visualize astral body connected to ladies in your sorrounding and them having strong connection to you with the ladies being arouse. Throw an arousal love dart into the person that is connected to you . Just like in baneful magick book , instead of attack dart. you have love dart. ahhahaa. =o) Stimulate their sex drive toward you with your thoughts. Might be too much for some as it do require concentration and some what a trance state to influence energy body. One must have some meditation practices or similar mind training of focus thought with emotions of various kind . emotion depend on your purpose.

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Sure, I feel you. I just find it funny somehow, no offense intended

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No worries, man. No offence taken, and it is pretty funny :joy:

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It’s more affective when used with a glamour that makes you appear more physically attractive than you are too. Worked for me but it works on almost everyone even people that you wouldn’t find attractive, old women included :joy:

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There is a lot you can do with faerie glamour…and no guys I do NOT mean Disneyland pixies…if you want more info just PM me.

You can work with love goddesses…In ATR…Oshun, Erzulie Freda, Mama Chola, Pomba Gira…Aphroditie, Lakshmi, Venus, Freya…even the Morrigan if you know how, but she typically works more with women. If you want more info PM me.

You can cast an attraction spell. You can infuse your personal hygiene products with oils, sigils, ect. You have lots of options…if you already work with Lucifer, Lilith could help you as well.

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Im an attractive dude already. I get alot of compliments and slept with beautiful women before I got into this. I just want to enhance that.

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Sounds like a bummer. I’m so sorry. :disappointed:

Here’s the best attractive spell:


Thats how you spell it :slight_smile:

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