Spells to heal?

i recently have had a family member, over the last few months grow a bit ill. i know therw is not much i can do, but i want t try and put some positive affirmations and energy to her.

i know it will not help much, but i need some advice…

Didn’t you say in your introduction that you’ve been practicing magick for 7 years and “serve” the god Apollo? If that is true, then why don’t you just ask your patron to heal your family member? He is considered to be a god of healing after all.


As @DarkestKnight said, you just have to ask Apollo. If not, you can call Marbas, he’s a good healer.

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Hej kompis, I have and do. I know Apollo is a healer. However, I figured, if anyone had any advice to ask anyway.
You never know what could lay right in front of you, of what you cannot see.
Hopefully. Apollo will continue to listen, to what i ask of him and take the offerings i give him…

I am chronically ill. I got EXCELLENT results with the archangels + Lucifer whom I consider to be an angel myself (I see Satan as his demonic side). I was on the verge of suicide and now I have hope for life. I feel like a functioning, normal person again. Can’t recommend them enough.

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I have just checked out of who Marbas is. I think i will look a bit more into him. Thank you.

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