Spells/Rituals to Enhance Attractiveness

Salutations! As most of us know, magic is largely about self approval. Loving oneself, seeing oneseld as worthy, and above all believing in oneself are huge! Feeling and being perceived as attractive can be a big factor in self security, so I thought it would be fun to start a discussion about different spells and rituals that can be used to enhance the spellcasters’ attractiveness to themselves and others! These can include different baths, sigils, encantations, meditations, affirmations, etc.


Attractiveness for oneself is not necessarily the same (almost never does) as to others.

Would be easier to define the issue, then proceed to the point(s) every person would need to… all is relative… at least in this little big universe…

There is even a “kinda-science” about all of the seduction and attraction. Dusty White has some nice material, and to the date Arash Dibazar https://news.thearashdibazar.com/home has some info and material worth to see.

The Magickal Seduction book, by the Gallery of Magick has some easy rituals, about attraction-seduction.


This is really interesting- I actually just read a post the mentiined this book! What is it about?

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Just about what your post reads. Give it a try if you wish; maybe there is some part of what you are looking for… in there, is 1 ritual for “attractiveness in general” and 1 for an “specific target” and other one. It is a short practical book. You can read several reviews and comments on it at amazon.com


I endorse it.

I’ve had astounding results with 2 basic chaos sigil phrased out of “How did I have sex with so many attractive women?” and “How did I get so sexually attractive to women?”

Long story short my dead relationship ended brutally which caused me to be depressed and not eat for a week straight, causing me to lose ~30lbs. I got a bullet bike, and I ended up tripling my partner count that summer. I felt posessed I had so much confidence. I kissed the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever even seen less than 30 seconds after I met her and the chemistry that took place is like a drug I’m chasing now. VERY potent results. The bike came for free too (another sigil from around the same time).

No need to complicate things. Basic sigil magick works amazingly well, especially when layered…


Easy spell … look in the mirror and say “Would I fuck me?”.

Fix that first.


Self-positive questions. Genius👍


I love the side step of lust for result with it since the result is an emotional state that can only come by getting the physical result. Literally manifesting a state of wonder at how incredible it is that it showed up.

Lets you really want what you’re casting for without short circuiting it from showing up because it’s a side effect, though a mandatory one.

Give it a go!


The single most important thing you can do is take care of your body.

If you’re worried about being unattractive, you’re unhappy with yourself in general.
Fix that first. (:


Woah, I don’t know why this post has come back in rotation suddenly😅. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I feel there’s been a little miscommunication- this is not a post that is personal, nor to create an Aura of “sexual attraction.” In terms of myself as the OP, I take very good care of my body, exercising twice a day, executing an daily “beauty” routine, and following a strict diet. It seems many of us here take great care of themselves, as well! With that in mind, again, this is not a matter of being sexually attractive, but to accomplish a pushed out self image of beauty. This post was simply to encourage those who choose to reply to provide different ways to give yourself that “oomph” when you’re feeling off or a little less than, especially when I’m preparation for spellcasting, but also just in general!

That sounds great! How did you activate the sigil and what did you do with it afterwards? I wan’t to try it myself

Tried a few different ways and all have worked.

  • Jack it
  • Post it on Whisper without any words and let people’s “WTF mate?” reaction charge it
  • Literally “Fire” it by lighting it on fire and watching the paper burn to ash

I’ve had shockingly amazing results show up through all three

Oh, you can also set it as your phone’s wallpaper and just let it slip into indifference over it. Got some profound results that way while I was actively seeking what it meant. There’s a paradoxical part of lust for result actually helping you when every action you take is for that result coming about as if it’s your life’s mission statement.

Made a lot of girls smile as they walked into work funny that summer

If it didn’t get destroyed by buring it I’ve still got it in a stack somewhere. One got fired a 2nd time when I was going through a stack and it gave me a 2nd motorcycle of the exact same kind down to the the 1000th mile on the odometer. I didn’t check if it was any more accurate than that but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

Before then I had wanted a bike for 6 years and couldn’t ever afford it


How did you phase your sigils?

I find it best for me to design my rituals around mundane activities that relate to the desired results.

For example cleansing ritual with cleaning the house or something like that.

Self attraction spells would probably work well with any self care practice like exercise, facial cleansing or makeup, hair styling, and put on attractive clothing.